In the previous article, we covered the different hosting services that allow adult blogging.  Today let's decide if the blog will be public or private. It's an important first decision before you even start writing so let's cover the differences and hopefully you'll know if you want a public or private blog by the end of today.

What is Public Blogging?

Public blogging is when you use a site that anyone can discover, read, and comment. You are sharing your private lives and anything else you write with the public.  Even if you don't have a lot of viewers, your blog can be discovered, searched, archived and copied via search engines and malicious bots. Although the latter is rarer, you still have to be aware that bots can scrape your blog and post it elsewhere.

If you choose to share pictures or not disguise your real name or details, it's always possible to be discovered by friends and family that may not like what you are sharing publically. Even if you do use pseudonyms, some stories could alert others that they know you from "somewhere". Blogging in the public sphere is always taking a risk, so be aware of those risks and mitigate the concern by blogging responsibly.

With public blogging, you could be open to receiving comments from others. Most, if not all, public blogs have their comment section open for chat, input, advice and more. If you don't do well with criticism then you might want to consider closing your comments or going with private blogging.

Now there are a lot of positive things about public blogging too. I love the camaraderie and friendships that I've developed from my blogging life.  I've also been able to express some really stressing situations and have comments that not only help me see other sides but realizations that I wouldn't have thought of myself. It's been a huge help to my understanding of submission and myself.

If you are considering reviewing sex toys or want to try to make a bit of pocket money with your blog, you need to have a public blog.

Pros Cons
  • A pretty space that you can decorate and express yourself
  • Using a site that anyone can discover and read (and comment)
  • Making friends and gaining insights
  • Sharing often private details with the public.
  • Sharing often private details with the public.
  • Nothing is secret and can be searched, archived and copied/stolen
  • Open to judgemental comments, trolls, and potential stalkers
  • Chance of being discovered by friends and family

What is Private Blogging

In private blogging, you do much the same that you can do with public blogging. It's a pretty site you can express yourself and write about whatever you'd like, but there are a few key differences.

Any readers have to be granted access, usually with a username and password. All other access to the site is blocked. Nothing can be searched or archived. You still have a slight chance of a bad reader copying your content but that is extremely rare since you often don't hand out access to people you don't know or trust.

If you want to be completely private, but share it with your Dominant, this is a good alternative to emails or using a cloud storage system. It's also good if you plan to share images of yourself but don't want them ending up all over the internet.

Pros Cons
  • A pretty space that you can decorate and express yourself
  • Using a site that readers have to be granted access, usually with a password
  • All other access is blocked
  • Nothing can be searched, archived or copied
  • All other access is blocked
  • Closed from judgemental comments, trolls, and potential stalkers
  • Can't share anything with anyone outside your sphere of approved readers

How to Decide Which is Right For You

Hopefully, you've considered all the pros and cons from above and are leaning one way or the other by now.  If not, think about what you might like more and how you'd handle your blog getting negative attention or being discovered by your friends.  Consider your purpose and go from there. In most cases, you can always start out private and move to public, but it's harder to go the other direction because search engines will have likely already found you and archived your posts. It's not impossible though so do what you need to do. My personal blog has comments turned off because I was getting a lot of negativity that was proving unhealthy for my thought process. But I've been blogging for over 10 years so I have a ton of content that is visible to the whole of the internet. And I'm fine with that.

Do what works best for you and be confident in your choice.