Many people come to this site searching for ways to improve their submission, communicate with their Dominant and explore different aspects of the D/s and BDSM lifestyles.

Each day in October I will be writing a post focusing on journaling your submissive experience; from how to start, its purpose and how to use it for research, exploration, and a communication tool.

This series will help you focus on your submission by writing (or typing) your experiences.  We will be looking into physical journals and digital journaling, called blogging so whichever method you prefer you will pick up some tips and advice.  (You might want to find a notebook to journal your own thoughts during this series.)  I’m so excited about this series and I hope you are, too!

So  this post is serving as the introductory post. It’ll function like a table of contents. I’ll link up the posts as they come along, and you can always hop back here to see the latest addition to the series.

31 Days of Submissive Journaling Series

Day 1: Introduction

Day 2: What Would You Like to Learn?

Day 3: What is a Submissive Journal?

Day 4: What can a journal do for my submissive development?

Day 5: What Your Dominant Learns from Your Journal

Day 6: Why New Submissives Should Write a Journal

Day 7: Selecting a Physical Journal

Day 8: Breaking in a Physical Journal

Day 9: My Top 7 Recommendations for Notebooks

Day 10: Ways to Personalize Your Physical Journal

Day 11: Top 3 Mistakes when Starting a Journal

Day 12: So You Want an Adult Online Journal (Blog)

Day 13: How to Decide on Public or Private Blogging

Day 14: Finding Your Voice by kallista

Day 15: Online Security and Anonymity, or Should You Share?

Day 16: Should You Try to Make Money with Your Blog?

Day 17: Key Items Every Blog Should Have

Day 18: First Page Ideas

Day 19: Ways to Personalize Your Online Journal (Blog)

Day 20: 4 Ways to Find Topics for your Submissive Blog

Day 21: Your First Blog Post by kallista

Day 22: How to Manage Negative Comments Without Rage by tequilarose

Day 23: Journal Prompts: Using Them Effectively to Improve Your Life

Day 24: Scene Reports: How they can Empower Your Playtime by Mrs. Darling

Day 25: Book Notes: How to Select and Read With Purpose

Day 26: Gratitude: Happiness’ Best Kept Secret

Day 27: Brain Dump: Shaking Off Toxic Emotions

Day 28: Quotes: Inspiration Leads to Motivation

Day 29: Social Networking Best Practices

Day 30: What Have You Learned?

Day 31: Q&A, Resources, and Further Reading