Today is day 9 of the Submissive Advent Calendar. If you missed yesterday’s post you can  go back to that now, or  rewind all the way to the beginning. You can also  read the introduction post.

“True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I've asked in a journal prompt recently, "are you happy?" and most of you that replied said that you were very happy with your relationship and with your Dominant or family but very few of you said you are happy with YOU. Let's reflect on that today. This is a writing activity.


Make a list of everything you have accomplished in the last year. Be specific and don't leave anything you consider small out. It doesn't even have to be submissive focused. Just you focused. What have you done this year that brings you joy, happiness or pride?  After each item on the list write a bit about why it makes you happy. Success is something to be joyful about!

If you can't think of a single thing you achieved this year, ask a friend what they think about your past year. It helps to get an outside opinion because you may see more things you never thought about but then have an, "oh yeah!" moment. Place this list nearby. We'll be looking at it again soon.


What are a couple things on your list that you are most proud of accomplishing?