kallista and I have worked hard to make it not only beautiful but along with the main activity from the series, kallista has added an alternative activity for you to choose from. Each day you can focus on the peace, joy, service and humble pride of being submissive.

24 Days of Submissive-focused Activities

Every day has a reflection on the season before a selection of two related activities that are meant to help you see your submission in a new light or to simply enjoy the holiday season. Take a look at this preview of Day 6. Each day is just as beautiful and has either mental exercises or crafts, writing or service-based activities to choose from.

Other Days Activites You Can Look Forward To:

  • Make a submissive token
  • Find inspiration in holiday music
  • Perform random acts of kindness
  • Celebrate this year’s accomplishments
  • Spread holiday cheer in your smile
  • Light candles for symbolism
  • Make holiday cards
  • more!