Spend Time With You This Holiday Season

Get the Submissive’s Advent Calendar for daily meditation and activities for every day of Advent specifically written for submissives.

Starting December 1st, the Submissive’s Advent Calendar has an Advent Activity every day until Christmas. The activities will vary but will have quotes, questions, short tasks and crafts to help you focus more on your submissive self this holiday season. You do not have to be in a relationship to perform most of these activities and I hope that they will provide you a sense of peace and joy this holiday season as we celebrate Winter ending, the Festival of Lights, the coming of the Messiah or maybe a glance at the Festivus Pole. Whatever your beliefs, take a moment out of each day to honor your submission.

Should You Buy The Advent Calendar?

      Is it a good thing for submissives to set aside a special time in the year to focus more on submission and grow in our relationship with our Dominant?

      Is it good for us to get in touch with just how much we need to submit?

      Is it helpful for us to learn to serve our Dominant more faithfully?

      Is it helpful to remember our place in the D/s relationship is to provide beauty, grace and service?

      Would it be a valuable thing in your life to be prepared to submit in any way that your Dominant calls upon you to do?

      Would you like to experience more of what submission means to you during the often hectic weeks prior to Christmas?

      Would your submission be enriched if you were to read, study, and meditate on texts that speak to you and your growth as a submissive?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions you will likely benefit from purchasing this ebook.

What’s Inside?

Format: PDF | Pages: 52 | Size: 1.34MB

24 Days of Submissive-focused Activities

Every day has a reflection on the season before a selection of two related activities that are meant to help you see your submission in a new light or to simply enjoy the holiday season. Each day has either mental exercises, crafts, writing or service-based activities to choose from.

Activities You Can Look Forward To:

      Make a submissive token

      Find inspiration in holiday music

      Perform random acts of kindness

      Celebrate this year’s accomplishments

      Spread holiday cheer in your smile

      Light candles for symbolism

      Make holiday cards


What People Are Saying…

“The advent calendar is amazing. It's given me a chance to really look inward. Thank you for making such an interactive calendar.” -- Hannah

“I just want to take a moment to say thank you so much for doing the Submissive Advent Calendar. Every morning I looked forward to your Advent Activity. It was wonderful reading (and doing) the tasks that you laid out.” -- Elsje

“Thank you for all the work you put into it....it really helped my holiday spirit and led me to some good 'think sessions'.” -- abby



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