There’s nothing really super glamorous about my life, but I thought it would be a nice change of pace to write something a bit different from my usual and give you the readers a little peek into what an average day is for me.

My days start usually at 6:30 am when the alarm goes off. Then the “I don’t really have to go to school” starts. It’s hard to leave a warm and toasty bed, especially when cuddled up to Daddy. So, there’s this small back and forth and I tell Daddy that I can skip a day and will be fine, but Daddy still pushes me out of bed and then into the shower. After showering, I eat breakfast while Daddy and I watch a TV show or cartoons before I have to leave. I have to be out the door by 7:40 am to catch the bus, but usually before leaving the apartment for the morning, I’ll get a load of clothes ready to wash for when I get home or pick up stray socks(I have this really bad habit of leaving my socks wherever I take them off)and do a quick check of what’s in the refrigerator to see if I need to pick up anything on my way home from class.

Class starts at 8:30 am and goes until 12:45 pm. This is every Monday through Friday until mid-November. Taking this course isn’t just mandatory by the immigration office, but also is a huge part of my service now. It’s extremely important to Daddy that I get the German language down so I won’t be so scared to venture out on my own. Even though I’ve been doing pretty much all the shopping on my own for the past two years, if there’s something special I need, I need Daddy to go with me so He can ask for it and I sometimes do get panicky shopping because I can’t really ask for help and am usually guessing what someone is saying to me. Not only that, but Daddy wants me to be able to go out and make my own friends, something that’s been extremely hard due to the language barrier. But even more important than any of those above reasons, so I no longer have to struggle with the feeling of being left out when Daddy and the other member of our poly relationship are speaking German and so she can share some of her favorite German movies and books with me.

After class, if there are errands to run, I do them before going home because I know once I get home, I won’t really want to get back out. Usually, the errands I run are stopping by the apothecary, grocery shopping, or by the DM(think Walgreen’s or CVS, just without the pharmacy and medication sections). Whenever I’m out and about, I’m always letting Daddy know where I’m at and what I’m doing. I am rarely out of touch with Daddy. Lack of cell phone reception is the only thing that gets in the way. This has been something that I have always enjoyed in our relationship, the need Daddy has to keep tabs on me. Even when I know He’s unable to respond, I always message to let Him know where I am. When I get home, Daddy’s always at the top of the stairway to greet me with a hug and a kiss.

Before starting homework, this is when I’ll usually start laundry and then have a small snack and watch something on TV(Mondays are usually Game of Thrones and other days usually Homeland or Parks and Recreation the two shows I’m currently binge watching), then it’s on to homework. After homework is cleaning, writing, or whatever else I need to do that day. I have a small notebook that I carry around with me and I make a list of specific tasks that I want to get done on that day. It helps me from getting too overwhelmed. Daddy isn’t big on micromanaging. I know what He expects from me and as long as I get things done in a timely fashion He’s completely okay with me making my own cleaning schedule. If there is something He feels needs immediate attention, it is brought to my attention. Throughout the afternoon and evening there are multiple trips to Daddy’s computer where I throw myself on Him and make attempts to lick His nose and if I’m trying to avoid being licked back, I’ll lick the back of His neck or the top of His head, that is until He gets up and chases me through the apartment. There’s also a lot of stinky buttholes and stinky doodles and fart boxes(silly names we love to call each other) being tossed in just to change things up a bit. I know this has to sound a bit weird because one normally doesn’t hear about those kinds of silly things going on in an M/s dynamic, but it’s who Daddy and I are. We both enjoy being silly and joking around with each other. It makes life more enjoyable for the both of us.

Dinner usually happens anywhere between 7 and 8 PM. During this time Daddy and I watch our shows or a movie, depending on how late it is when we eat. This is usually when we have more cuddle time as well too. One of us is usually laying on the other, covered with a blanket. Then, usually around 9:30 or so, I start yawning uncontrollably or Daddy is waking me up because I fell asleep on the couch so I get tucked in for the night and it starts all over the next morning.

I know it’s not anything glamorous, but it is my life and even though things aren’t perfect, I’m in an environment where I can be who I truly am and express my love and submission openly to Daddy and that is what matters the most to me.