This is part of the A Day in the Life Series. Thanks DarlingDoll!

I am a brat. I am a mouthy loud-mouthed impatient bent kinky little brat who has gone through phase after phase to amuse myself with one constant. My Daddy.

Together he and I have shared tattoos, shaved heads, pink Mohawk’s, and blue hair, blue dreads, stupid piercings and bad fashion choices. My ass has been spanked red because he wanted to and because I needed him to or because I went out of the house is something to short, though we are not into age play, he keeps my wild self in line while indulging it at the same time.

My Daddy is an FTM (female to male transgendered), which makes play different than most, as we both have to truly be in tune with each other to know when we’re both enjoying everything as the visual stimulation isn’t there. We’ve gone through three different trials of trying and restarting our sexual relationship, though we are a monogamous common law relationship, we’ve had different experiences and have found that percussion play, bondage with either tape or rope and hair pulling with me being insulted, degraded and used in all senses of the word a constant. My Daddy does not enjoy penetration with toys, instead of with hands but enjoys the stimulation, we do not believe in collars as they are too restrictive plus I know I am his without that symbol making me feel like a trapped animal, which causes me to act out and not in the nicest of ways either.

We have lived together for two years now and were best friends in high school, and lovers even though not in the physically intimate way when I sat on him during a lunch break and kissed his cheek and claimed him as mine. I was the other woman when he was involved with an emotional manipulator, and he was the other man when I was involved with an emotional abuser. We have tried various ways of kink in our short live in time together, exploring role play, age play, percussion play (using a slapper and a crop, though I’d love to try a cane), bondage, sensory play, we also switched power roles back and forth, and even into wax play and latex, Daddy more than I thought. We are continuing to develop our own way of doing things, even though we don’t have the same restrictive power play as some other couples may have, which often throws people for a loop when they hear he and I are into kinky things.

Underneath my bratty exterior, I am very anxious, especially about people loving me, as I have this unnatural fear that I will suffocate them and they will leave, and my Daddy understands this and knows when to be reassuring that he will love me, or when to keep pushing to break past it. I am also very anxious in that he will get bored of me, as he is transitioning from a female to male, and he assures me that he won’t, often followed by a wallop on the backside which makes me smile because I know he wouldn’t be here if he didn’t love me and he knows that I need him as much as I know he needs me. Besides, who else would shine his boots and make his tea just the way he likes?

DarlingDoll is Daddy’s doll, a full time art student as well as portrait artist, with a rocker chick soul and a punk’s hard exterior. She has a blog under Darlingdoll on the transgendered help site Laura’s playground, plus a Gmail account ( - always willing and ready to meet new people.