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Do you accept and/or expect discipline or punishments as a part of your submission? How do you feel about it?

Discipline and punishment are a small part of our dynamic. KnyghtMare prefers not to have to discipline me, but I learn better sometimes when I know punishment will be met out. It keeps me in line and helps me learn new things.

As far as new things, I get a grace period to learn and pick up the new habit. He’ll remind me what I’m supposed to do from time to time and then at a point he decides he’ll say I’ve had enough time to learn it and set a punishment.

What do I think about punishment? I hate it. But I hate it because of two things; it’s a reminder that I made a mistake and I just hate the actual punishment. KnyghtMare knows exactly what to choose to make me miserable. I tend to learn my lesson though and come out of it changed at least somewhat.

There are a couple of things that he constantly is on my butt about though that no matter what he does I can’t seem to learn. The big one is interrupting him and talking over him. I’m terrible at that. I just can’t seem to learn to keep my mouth shut until he’s done talking. It drives him insane and I get frustrated. We’ve tried so many things and I just can’t learn. I guess this one will be an endless source of punishment.

Either way, I can’t see my submission without a level of discipline in it.

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