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Does religion have any bearing on your decision to submit? If not, are you familiar with religious based submission and do you view it as similar to other types of submission or dissimilar?

I was raised in an Open Bible household. I went to church twice a week, Bible camp and revivals all the time. I even brought my Bible to school with me for when I was done with work. Yeah, I was that sort of person.

When I started college I did some soul searching and reading about the skeptics' views on the Bible and Christian history. With all of my reading and thinking I decided that I wasn’t as confident with my moral choices as I thought. Faith, for me, didn’t require organized religion, believing and a man that they can’t even prove did the things they say he did and well. I changed.

I have nothing against Christianity at all. I just feel for me that there was a better choice. So I dropped all devotion to Jesus and attending church. Religious documentaries are still very interesting to me. I watch them all the time. But for me, religion isn’t important.

As for my submission, it didn’t have any basis for my selection. I can see the draw to submission if your religious beliefs are strong with submitting to your husband as you would your god and that’s beautiful. To be able to connect your joy and peace in submission to something as big as faith is a wonderful thing.

It’s not required for me and that’s just fine. That isn’t to say that I don’t feel a sense of spiritual peace myself by submitting. I don’t worship Master like I did in church. It doesn’t fit. But what I do for him feels like worship sometimes.

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