To be honest I never gave faith much thought when I discovered I was kinky. I had been drifting away from organized religion for years, but when I read on a blog (which I can't recall now) that someone was having to come to terms with her Christianity and desires for kink/submission it made me think about my faith again. In the end, I decided that I wasn't going to hell just because I was kinky. Here's my personal thought process on Christianity and Kink.

I was raised that the Bible is not literal in its interpretation, but can be understood in a variety of  'accepted' ways. It was still wrong to have sex outside of marriage and that you should love your partner as you love God. There was a list of evil ways and it was drilled into us that homosexuality was wrong, sexual debauchery was to be avoided and untold pleasures were sins in God's eyes.

Sure that's enough to scare anyone into boring vanilla sex and relationships, devoting time and attention to what the accepted interpretations of the Bible said a good life was. It is not my intention in this post to say that these beliefs are wrong; I'm not a theologian or minister. Seek your spiritual leader for further counseling. These are just my impressions on where I am now in the understanding of kink and faith.

My sexual and carnal desires were given to me by God. I'm kinky because that is the way I was made. No evil influences turned me to the dark ways. My desire to submit is actually described in the Bible as the woman submits to the man in marriage. Christian BDSM practitioners believe that they are walking in God's path by following the Bible verses in this way.

Embracing sex and its many pleasures no longer makes me feel shameful or guilty. I give myself to my Master with joy in my heart and know that my faith can be a part of my overall submission. While my distrust of organized religion has grown, my belief in a higher power remains strong. He lives in me, and if I was not to feel pleasure in the things that I do, then it wouldn't be a gift I possessed.

Excellent Essay about God and sexuality by Dr. Dick

But I don't know how it works with everyone. How does faith and your beliefs balance out for your submission? Do you find more people into BDSM that are without a specific faith? Tell me what you think, I want to know!