I’ve done a lot of non fictional book reviews lately on Submissive Guide and it’s been awhile since I’ve done a fictional BDSM book review. While I do have several I want to do, this one in particular grabbed my attention and then caused my attention to start jumping up and down and screaming “Write about this book NOW!”. I’m not exaggerating about this either. 31 Flavors of Kink by Leia Shaw and Cari Silverwood(If those names sound familiar it’s because they’re two of the co-authors on several of the books in the Badass Brats series) is completely unlike any fictional BDSM book that I have read. While most BDSM fictional novels do tend to be erotica, that’s not the point of this book, but I’ll get into that a little later.

31 Flavors tells the story of Sidney and Nick. They’ve been married for five years and love each other deeply, but things in the bedroom aren’t so great. Because of something that happened in her past, Sidney hates having sex. It’s painful and uncomfortable for her and she does what she can to not have it.

But what she does love are the steamy BDSM eroticas that are sold at the bookstore she works at and fills her e-reader. She finds herself lost in fantasies that include elements of dominance and submission and other fun things that are found in between the pages. She’s terrified to mention this to her husband out of fear of what he’ll think and what it may do to their marriage.

Sidney is frustrated with the current status quo of their sexual relationship, desperately wanting to change things for the better in the bedroom so she musters up the courage to share her fantasies with her husband and he agrees to introduce kink into the relationship and see how things go. Will BDSM be what Sidney and Nick need to improve their relationship or will it be what causes things to end?

What I love about this book is that it’s based on a true story. I did not know this until I came to the end of the book(The copy I got had a different cover on it). What I also love about this book is that it lets other people out there who are struggling to introduce kink into their relationships know they are not alone. I also see this book as being a great way to introduce your partner to kink. Yes, there are some steamy scenes, but this is real life. Not some erotica novel where everything tends to be nice and shiney and can tend to be a bit overwhelming, but two people trying to fix something that is broken in their relationship. It shows these people there will be ups and downs and mistakes, but things like that can be worked through as long as both partners involved are serious about making the effort. I can’t say enough good things about this book. It’s like no other fiction kink book that I’ve read and for me, feels like a breath of fresh air and covers a topic that a lot of people are scared to talk about.

You can buy your copy of 31 Flavors of Kink on Amazon and Smashwords today.

Book Information:

Tequila R’s Rating: 10/10

Language: English

Page Count: 142