Fictional BDSM stories or erotica are often not only enjoyable but also may be a good way to learn what might be enjoyable to the reader in real life.  Those who are new to BDSM often do not know what activities and mindsets they might enjoy and while non-fiction articles, blogs, and communities are a good place to learn, BDSM erotica may also be a good source of identifying a reader’s desires.  For example, one may read about the technique and safety concerns of spread-eagled bondage in a non-fiction article without gaining an understanding of whether or not that is exciting but reading its inclusion in a fictional erotic scene may spark the reader’s imagination and desires.

While fiction may be a good source of finding out what may be desirable, it is typically a poor way to learn the realities of BDSM.  Fictional BDSM stories often set aside reality for fantasy and many safety concerns are not addressed whatsoever.  In addition, fictional stories often include non-consensual components which are not BDSM at all.  It is important to read fiction with this understanding, that it may be a good place to find exciting activities but it is a poor way to learn about the realities.

In this article I link to and review several free fictional stories of male submission which I have found to be very well-written and enjoyable.  Many others have commented that the web site  Literotica  is a good repository of free fictional BDSM stories.  The stories I have read are mostly from the site  BDSM Library which allows filtering of stories by several dozen characteristics including content (such as serious or light), gender codes (such as F/m or M/m), activities (such as spanking or voyeurism), fetish (such as feet or latex), and level of consent (such as romantic or non-consensual).  With tens of thousands of free stories on the site, the filter feature is extremely helpful to quickly find enjoyable content.  Also, BDSM Library has a user rating and comment system so you may easily find the more popular stories.

I have read several hundred fictional stories of male submission and here are my favorite stories and authors in no particular order:

1)  Stable Boy  by  Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones has many stories of female submission which I have not read as well as several of male submission which are all enjoyable and highly rated.  Her stories clearly convey to the reader the submissive man’s emotions throughout the tale.  In addition, she makes her stories believable within the context of the setting and storyline so that the reader is never left with the feeling that a character would not act in the way portrayed within the story.

Stable Boy is a purely F/m story in which a young man takes a summer job to earn some extra money and experiences subtle humiliation from the female proprietor and customers.  He curiously finds some enjoyment from this and the treatment becomes less subtle over the days and weeks of his employment.  At times the humiliation becomes quite painful, especially from a young female customer who enjoys mercilessly tormenting the young man.  One day he is loaned out to another customer who treats the young man literally as a puppy and even teaches him sexual tricks.  Stable Boy is a long story of approximately 65,000 words including good character development, conflict, and a very satisfying ending.

I felt very good while reading Stable Boy.  Almost every moment there is a building of control or humiliation in which the young man seems destined to get in deeper without a reasonable chance of escape.  The activities are fully consensual and if the treatment he received were terrible enough, then he would leave, but there was always just enough incentive to stay whether it was monetary, peer pressure, or the curious enjoyment he begins to feel.  I found myself similarly entranced by the story and had a difficult time putting it down.

2)  Help Wanted  by  Creative Chattel

Both of Creative Chattel’s stories are very enjoyable, detailing a man’s unwanted fall into humiliating submission.  In Help Wanted a middle-aged man has lost his marriage and has been without work for 2 years.  He is running out of money.  A longtime friend of his ex-wife takes him in as a housekeeper for the family, despite his lack of experience.  It soon becomes clear, though, that the friend does not need the services the man provides such as keeping the house clean or serving snacks and dinner, but instead uses the man as a target of humiliation and sadism.  All four members of the household, a married couple and their college age daughter/princess and son, get in on the act of humiliating the man to jeers of laughter.  The married couple also present blackmail material from the ex-wife to further solidify their hold.  At first the tasks the man are given are not outlandish, although it is very strange to be addressing longtime friends with honorifics instead of first names, but he is chastised frequently for mistakes and over time the tasks become more and more humiliating until he is literally licking the dirt off not only all 8 of their feet but also sexually servicing the married couple and their longtime maid.  Punishment for any disobedience is severe, as the man finds out.

This well-written story struck a chord in me as the humiliation built over time and the man was trapped into servitude through manipulation.  The family’s delight at the man’s degradation was clear and really rubbed it into his face.  Help Wanted is basically a horror story but it taps into a submissive fantasy of wanting to be controlled, punished, and humiliated.

3)  Holiday Slavery  by  Desmios

This story has a whopping 100,000 words and there is a sequel which is also entertaining.  Holiday Slavery is a consensual adventure in which a submissive man is taken on a seemingly innocuous cruise by his Mistress only to find that the destination is a place where consensual slavery is an accepted form of life.  On the island he meets a female slave and together with their Owners they are “forced” to participate in humiliating games and rituals reinforcing their slavery.

The story is slow-paced but does not drag as it goes into details of the surrounding and the submissive man’s feelings.  There is no conflict to speak of and minimal character development but there is a wide variety of types of action and several different settings to keep the story interesting, including some sexual scenes.  During and after the story, the reader is left with an errant wish that the story could be true someday.

4)  A Perfect Match  by  Onewhoadores

Onewhoadores has written several good stories and it was difficult to pick out one.  A Perfect Match is a slow romantic tale of a woman whose best friend tells her how she has learned the perfect way to find the man of her dreams, through Dominance and submission.  The friend shows off her completely obedient man and attempts to fix her up with a man of her own.

The woman is uncertain that this is the type of man she wants and the man who is introduced to her initially has self-esteem issues.  However, their relationship slowly builds and while the outcome is predictable the journey there is charming.  There is very little pain play involved as Onewhoadores focuses more on romance and worship.

I would be remiss in not mentioning  my own site  which has dozens of fictional stories of male submission but I would not be able to give an unbiased view.  In addition, here are a few other interesting stories:   A Pointless Existence  by Andy C in which a man is captured and tortured for another man’s pleasure, this is a very cold tale; and  In Real Life  by Lisa Jones in which a woman decides to search for a male slave, this is a very heart-warming story.

What fictional stories of male submission have interested you?  Please feel free to comment.