I’m crafty. I learned how to make BDSM gear almost within months of my entrance to the lifestyle. I love how easy some of these are. I always get compliments for my work. I’ve started a list of all the places online where you can find instructions for DIY projects to fill your dungeon. Many are very cost efficient. I recommend looking at all of them!

Handheld Toys

Bondage Equipment

Detail Tools

BDSM Furniture

Advanced: Fucking Machines

Breakdown-able Hide-able Furniture Plans

  • Power Pole (converts from coffee table and hat stand to  bondage pole)
  • Pandora's Chest (converts from a linen chest to a kneeling bench, pelvic exam bench, or bent-over crossbar.)
  • Criss-Cross (converts from a pedestal and display shelf to St. Andrew's Cross)

Sex Furniture

Do you know of a DIY that should be on this list? Leave it in the comments!