This week's video tip is about mentors.

A mentor is a person more experienced in certain aspects of life than you are. They are also more open to varying viewpoints, have a desire to teach and aide others. A mentor is a role model and a very special counselor to those they council. In business, newcomers are usually given a mentor to help them learn the business and become familiar with how things are run. They provide advice and training to the novice.

A mentor is a counselor and adviser for newcomers. Mentors usually provide an experienced view of the area being explored by the new person. They can provide training and teach the proper way that things should be done so that cautious movements become confidence.

A mentor not only helps the newbie at the beginning but can be there to advise and aide them during all phases of their development. In business, the mentor is usually a more experience person with good communication skills and lots of patience.

Applying mentoring to a BDSM context a mentor is someone that guides and advises a newbie on what to expect, things they might want learn and other items. I believe a mentor should be on the same level as you. If you are submissive, then you should have a submissive mentor. Visa versa for a Dominant. They will be able to connect more with what you are thinking and feeling and can help you better than the opposing role could.

What can I do for you?

Other than just reading my posts on the website, which I promise you you can learn from, I'm here to listen to you, answer your questions and provide you with advice. In the coming months, I'm putting together my first of many training courses that will provide you other ways you can learn and get advice directly from me. So subscribe to my feed and keep reading. I'm planning a lot to bring you further into your submission and learn who you are and who you can be. Let me help you find the way.