If you are looking for a varied account of protocol then this book is perfect! Part of Power Exchange Books' Resource Series Protocols: a Variety of Views is a collection of essays written by people living a life with a protocol in place. You will get every opinion represented here as well as a few book reviews at the end of other protocol related books you might be interested in.

Compiled of 13 well thought out essays from every role imaginable and some well-known voices in the alternative community leadership, this book has what it needs and then some. You will learn what people consider protocol, what the difference is between that and ritual as well as ceremony. There are some lovely examples of personal protocols lived out in their relationships and opinions that may align with yours.

I like that the book is short essays, as I admit my attention span is relatively short. I can read one essay at a time and then give it some time to digest before moving on to another. In fact, that's how I recommend you read this book. I tried reading one essay immediately following another and the differing viewpoints clashed in my brain and I had to reread them.

My favorite essay has to be by slave elizabeth titled, "Development of Protocols in the Order of Discipline and Service." She shares with us her 'unusual' protocols that her Dominant has for the house and, to be honest, hers is the first I've read or heard about to hold these protocols. She and the other slaves that serve have uniforms much like a job would for about any occasion, they wear chains at all times, even while out and I love the idea of having personal cells for time away from serving. I was so interested in it I read the essay twice just to take care of my fascination.

If you are curious about protocol I'd recommend this compilation. It has everything you'd want to know and maybe some you wouldn't think to learn.

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  • luna's Rating: 7/10
  • Published on: 2008-10-01
  • Original language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • 106 pages

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