After I read Real Service by Raven Kaldera and his slave Joshua Tenpenny, I knew I had to read more of their works because of how awesome Real Service is. I knew I would find their other books just as informational as I had Real Service. I wasn’t at all disappointed in Power Circuits.

Power Circuits is a book about polyamory in a power dynamic relationship. At first, I didn’t really see why there would be a difference between a vanilla polyamorous relationship versus one where a power dynamic is involved. I read Tristan Taormino’s Opening Up, and while I didn’t notice this at the time, most of the couples that she talked about, were not in a power dynamic relationship. I didn’t realize this until reading Kaldera’s Power Circuits.

There are some things that whether the poly relationship is a vanilla one or has the involvement of a power dynamic, that just don’t change. Things such as trust, open communication, honesty, and transparency. While reading, I noticed that yes, there are some small nuances that can make a difference.

There is a lot of information covered in this book. There are a lot of great quotes and other essays mentioned and quoted. The last three chapters of the books are personal essays from those in charge, those who surrender and from those who are in a poly family. I love the essays because it gives the readers to hear personal accounts of others who are involved in polyamorous relationships and how the individuals process being in this type of relationship.

Something else that Kaldera also covers in this book are questions that s-types need to ask themselves if the D-type is interested in getting involved in a poly relationship, different types of intensity levels that happen within a power dynamic, how to deal with attitudes, how to introduce polyamory to a monogamous s-type, as well as how to incorporate an egalitarian partner.

If you are in a power dynamic relationship and are thinking of possibly opening up your dynamic to include polyamory, then this book is a must read for all parties involved. There are so many wonderful points that are covered in this book and no matter what side of the slash you are on, the reader will take away a lot from this book.

You can purchase a copy of Power Circuits on Amazon and from Alfred Press.


Tequila R's Rating: 10/10

Paperback: 276 pages

Publisher: Alfred Press (December 18, 2010)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0982879415