How often have you dressed in a sexy corset or other fetishwear, only to experience ‘spillage’ when you bend over to serve your Master a drink? Fun though that might be for your Master, it might be a bit embarrassing for you.

An elegant way around this problem is the ‘Bunny Dip’. This is a maneuver still used by Playboy bunny servers to deliver drinks and food. The story goes that it was invented in the 1960s in order to prevent ‘wardrobe malfunction’ in the busty bunny outfits.

As your Master is seated, you will position yourself beside and slightly ahead of Him. Facing the same way He is facing. (Have the drink or food on a tray to make this maneuver even prettier).

Make sure you are standing properly. Run through the whole routine in your head when you practice - chest out, stomach in, shoulders back, back straight. That shouldn’t be too hard in a corset!

Crouch down slightly (bending only at the knees) to the level where it is easiest to put the object down and check to be sure you have your balance. Make sure you are not bending at the waist or moving your torso. That is what causes the ‘wardrobe malfunctions’.

One description I read said to keep ‘knees together and pointing slightly to the right of you (for balance and style)’, and another description said to lean ‘backwards while bending at the knees with the left knee lifted and tucked behind the right leg’. Choose whichever feels best for you and makes a more graceful picture. You are going to be an impressive sight no matter which you choose!

Then while arching slightly back in the crouch, gracefully deliver the drink in front of your Master. Straighten up slowly and gracefully, with a proud tilt and a lovely smile!

You can do many things to make this move your own. I like to slide back up against my Master’s arm when I straighten. You don’t have to keep the bunny dip for when you are in a corset. I have served Master and some of his friends with pub drinks in this manner. I don’t do this nearly often enough, though, and I intend to add it back into my routine!

If you wish to see the ‘Bunny Dip’ in action, check out Youtube. I searched the words ‘Bunny Dip’ and found two videos. ‘Backstage with the Playboy Bunnies’ has a segment at the end to teach how to do the Bunny Dip.

Do you have a special move for serving your Master? Let us know in the coments below!

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