There once was a time when I believed that writing about my feelings was the only way I could honestly express what I felt in my heart. Throughout high school I wrote what I can only describe as teen angst poetry. Little did I know that I would learn more about myself in that writing than I would through interpersonal communication.

Now, I'm far wiser and can express my thoughts pretty well to those I love and care about. But even so, I still think writing is a fantastic personal tool that all people should consider. When deciding to start a journal or blog, if you keep in mind what you can get out of it, then perhaps you can enjoy it more and use it as a tool of your own development.

You may be asking me now, lunaKM, what the heck is the purpose of a journal in a submissive's life? Aren't we supposed to share everything with our Dominant partners? Isn't a journal a secret thing? Well, yes you should be sharing everything you can with your partner, but how easy is that with everything that you encounter and learn? Many submissives need that outlet of a journal like a buffer -especially with the important things or the thoughts that aren't as well thought out yet to be full conversations.

You will use the journal for yourself more than you will for anyone else, even if it was an assignment by your Dominant. As we yield more and more to our Dominants we may have to figure out who we are now, what our purpose is with this task or another and when we struggle, and that we will, it's nice to have a place to go where we can talk about it without judgment or criticism.

It's that unbiased mediator that can really perform miracles in our heads as we lay out the problem in words. How many times have you figured out the problem for yourself just by stepping away for a moment and thinking rationally? It works that way in a journal too.


Select a page near the front of your journal and write a list of reasons you should have a journal. Make them reminders of why you write, how they help you and what motivates you to express yourself. Even if journaling is a new thing to you, I am certain you can find things to add to this list.

Keeping it at the front of your journal will provide you with constant motivation and reminders of just how important a submissive journal is, and more importantly, how important your own words are for you and your development.