This series is written from the perspective that being single in the Lifestyle affords one the opportunity to do some soul-searching, learning, and defining in order to be better equipped to transition into a suitable and desirable relationship in due time. Read - 

Part I: Boundaries

,   Part II: Service,

Part III: Slave Resume


So, now that you’ve assessed your skills to see what you’d like to offer of yourself and you’ve created a slave/service resume, you’re far more equipped internally to attract an Owner (woot!). There’s something about doing these assessments that shift us somehow. I believe that part of it is that when we see ourselves in a clearer light, we are more confident in not only presenting ourselves to potential Masters, but we also attract that same confidence from a potential Master. Not only that, but we are far more sure of what it is that’s acceptable for us.

I know in this ‘go with the flow’ time that we live; the petition seems a bit formal. I have heard many say that they want their relationships to occur organically (i.e. wild and free). Prior to recent years, I felt that way. I had always just ended up in a relationship – even without the clear expression that I was in a relationship! No anniversary date, no clear demarcation of the transition from friendship to ‘honey’ or potential Owner. It’s a rather loosey-goosey way to go about things and doesn’t mirror what it is that I truly desire and crave in my heart, which is protocol/structure. It’s a contradiction, in my mind, to be a slave and not appreciate and relish protocol. Petitioning is an acknowledgment of structure and formality; it is definitely a humbling experience for a slave. It is also a way for a slave to solidly express their desires – no hemming and hawing, no beating around the bush, just a determined statement of the desire.

Getting to know you, organically

Now, I’d like to say that there is an organic component at play, but it’s not wild and free. This is the process that I prefer, and I understand that it’s not the preference for all. When it comes to M/s, I don’t hold the romantic ideas of being swept off my feet or being made to comply. The organic part is like this for me: There’s a spark of interest in a Master. I appreciate how he carries himself; I possess a curiosity about him and want to get to know him more to explore that curiosity. I make myself available to talk further – emails, messaging, texts and phone. There, that’s it. The flow is we’re getting to know each other. It took me a minute to understand that “A Master and slave don’t start off as Master/slave.” They start off as two people learning each other, even if there is interest for more initially. This is a patient process. It’s an organic process that is nurtured and cultivated because this is the foundation of any potential relationship beyond friendship. Therefore, it should be solid. I was told by a Master that he couldn’t own a slave that he couldn’t laugh with, that he couldn’t be open with and so on. He could find this out during the ‘getting to know you’ phase. This is equally applicable to single slaves. How would things be different if people extended this phase beyond a few days or a month or two?

This is the point in developing an M/s relationship that the slave can see how she will be managed, cared for, guided, and also a general sense of what is expected of her. It’s here that I’d like to say that I’m not a fan of asking a bunch of questions in order to ascertain the information that is truly relevant to getting to the point of petitioning and beyond. Yes, there will be questions to ask of course from time to time. But I was taught that simply communicating and observing will give all the information needed. This has been a most valuable lesson. How true it is! This piece of advice will help Master and slave alike to see if their potential partner is consistent, trustworthy, and even worth petitioning/accepting the petition. It also allows both sides to see strengths and weaknesses from a clear and grounded vantage point and not the space of idealism and infatuation.

So I’ve checked him out, now what?

So, across the board, you’re satisfied, you’re feeling gung-ho (even if apprehensive or anxious) and you’re ready to do this! It’s petitioning time!!

Petitions can be simple or elaborate; verbal or written (or both). The simple verbal petition can be, “Master Jimmy Jack, I would like to petition to be your slave.” The more elaborate written petition can be…well…elaborate. The written petition can be one page to several pages long and can be presented in print or digital format.

But what do I put in a petition?

Plain and simple – you and what you’re willing to give. A Master may hear one’s simple verbal petition and may require something more than, “I want to be your slave, Sir.” The petition is another opportunity for the Master to see where the slave’s head is, to see what her clearly expressed desire is. This is an opportunity for the slave to be transparent. A few pieces of information to consider including in a petition are:

  • State how you desire to exist in the Master’s life – live-in 24/7 lock stock and barrel slave, domestic service only, play partner only, pet, slut (a Master may accept petitions for any ‘position’)
  • Highlight some of your strengths
  • Openly discuss what you currently perceive as your limits and even an Achilles heel or two
  • What are you willing to give of yourself?
  • Why the petition? Why him?

This isn’t an exhaustive list of what can be included in a petition, but it’s the gist of some of the important points to address in a petition.

I’ve petitioned, now what?

You wait. LOL. Seriously, what happens next varies from Master to Master, just as handling the petition itself varies. Depending on how long the Master has known the slave prior to the petition, there could be an additional time that’s needed for the Master to make a final decision to accept or decline a petition. Remember, the slave has primarily made her intentions and desires known via the petition. The Master is now in the position of considering the slave for a relationship beyond friendship/acquaintances or not. The Master could even have the slave work on her petition to resubmit it at a later date. But essentially, at this point, the ball is in the Master’s court, how apropos!

A word on hope and expectations…

Every slave that petitions a Master deeply wants to be accepted. No one wants their petition declined. But realistically, there are those that aren’t accepted. It’s ok. It’s an opportunity to learn if nothing else. Because of the gravity of the potential relationship, it’s important to choose wisely. The Master has to determine if the petitioning slave will be an asset to him and his life or not. He also has to determine how he will impact the development of the slave. Other factors are if it’s a training arrangement, a petition for short or long-term service, or is it a petition for a lifetime. The Master, hopefully, is considering compatibility as well. Often times, a Master may see what the eager and sometimes frenzied slave is not capable of seeing. There is no growth without taking such a risk as putting ourselves out there in such a vulnerable way. It’s exciting and nerve wrecking all at once. But if the slave is captured by fear, she has already missed out on an opportunity.

So my best advice is to expect to receive the best outcome for you (whether it’s accepted or declined) and that the Master will behave responsibly and honorably in handling the petition. But until it is accepted or declined, continue being you in all of your glory, and when the matter is addressed, still continue on being you in all of your glory!

Lots of love, blyss