In a recent video post about Submissive PMS I had someone email me with some questions that I thought deserved a new post. If you haven't seen the video or attached post, please go to the article and read it first!

Now on to his questions:

1. What's a subbie to do when, for whatever reason, he or she cannot get away? What about the use of corporal discipline to help put the sub in his or her place?

Sure there will always be times when a submissive is not able to get away to refocus for a number of reasons. In this case, I am a firm believer of a mantra or meditation. It can be said aloud or internally no matter where you are. You may even be able to close your eyes and focus on your breathing to really center yourself. This works wonderfully if you only have a few moments in which to reset your mind and continue.

It will not work all the time; it's just a matter of being human that sometimes for whatever reason, you are moody or grouchy and inherently disobedient. When you realize this might be the case; informing your Dominant is the best course of action. Sure it could get you in trouble if you do disobey, but at least they will be equipped with some of the reason behind it.

Another way to try to refocus or at least not snap at your Dominant is the famous count to 5 trick. It really does work. I kinda like to count backward from 10. I feel centered and focused when through that bit of meditation.

About corporal punishment... it's an okay idea, but then that puts the responsibility into the Dominant's hand to try to correct your own problem of lack of focus. What is really going on when this happens is the Dominant is facilitating your need to refocus with a meditation or other separation from the event by giving you pain to do so. In essense, the Dominant is creating the re-centering time you need.  I'd like to focus in this blog about how we can help ourselves become better human beings that happen to be submissive and 'making' the Dominant correct our mood is in that vein.

The other concern is that it doesn't work all the time. What if your mood is just so off kilter that your act worse after the punishment. In this case, the Dominants attempt at correction pushed your further away from the center and you will most likely find it harder to refocus after that. It becomes a steep downward slope.

2. I have a feeling that, unless they enjoy feminization, male subs might not exactly take ownership of the term submissive PMS. Any ideas on a term for males? It might not be as cute, but something like "sub glitch"?

Oh, I'm sure we can come up with a term that male submissives could embrace that means the same thing. So, dear reader, what ideas do you have to replace PMS with something more masculine centric? I'd love to see what you come up with in the comments!