Welcome to week 2 of the book club event!

This week's reading was intense and meaty, trust me I know! I had to read it twice in order to get everything out of it that I wanted to. What are you thinking about the book so far? The reading this time had to do a lot with communication - on of the cornerstones of a successful relationship.  It had some of my favorite sections in the entire book too!

  1. A key topic of this section is to identify fantasy from reality. (pg 60-61) How realistic is your ideal? Is it possible or just fantasy?
  2. In dominance, we often have a visual of the Dominant sitting back and reaping the rewards of having a submissive cater to their needs. (pg 62) Why is this a common visual and what sort of active dominance is really necessary to make the power dynamic work for you?
  3. My favorite chapter is the one on active submission. (pg 67) What can you do today to make your submission more active? Are there initiatives that you can take to make your Dominant's life more fulfilling?
  4. In the chapter about LoveKink Bank and Trust - how any of you connected with the deposit and withdrawal system she described? Are there days you feel that you keep depositing but get nothing and your reserves are depleted? How do you keep the energy flowing? (pg 76)
  5. "First, you must believe that you can. Second, you must give yourself permission. And thirdly, make manifest here what you truly desire." (pg 84) Kacie says this within her parable of being chained to a thorn tree. What can you do in your own submission that has been waiting for you to believe that you can?
  6. Are you proud of your submission? (pg 98)
  7. Some people believe topping from the bottom is a myth. Others fiercely disagree. Where do you stand on bottom-topping? (pg 105)
  8. The last chapter in this part of the reading is about masochism and submission. Are you masochist ( there are many types of masochism)? Where does submission blend with masochism?

Are you enjoying the book so far? What else caught your attention in this reading? Any interesting or favorite quotes you want to share?

For next week's book club event, please read to the end of the book.