The other day I got an email from a reader who had a question about being in a long-distance relationship with his little and wanting to know some ideas on how to make that work. Like usual when I get a question from a reader, I got super excited(because I do love hearing from you guys and love being able to help if possible!), but I got even more super excited by the question and was like “Oh my gosh this is such a great article idea because I am sure so many others struggle with this!” and yes, if you are wondering, this was said out loud. I have issues with self-control when I get excited.

Yes, I have been in a long distance relationship with my Daddy. It wasn’t a very long one, but it was long enough to still suck, especially with a six-hour time difference between us. Believe me, one can not function while living in the US and trying to live on German time. During this time that Daddy and I were on opposite sides of the globe, we had to get creative to help soften the blow of distance. I’m going to share some of those things that Daddy and I did as well as some other ideas I’d come up with on my own.


  • Journaling - How often you do it is completely between you and your partner. I had to email Daddy a journal entry at least once a week and my journals contained whatever ramblings I had in my head at the time(which is usually a lot of silly nonsense sometimes!), my thoughts and feelings on submission, how I felt about moving, my kinks and areas of sexual interests, fantasies, and anything else that popped into my head. If for some reason I couldn’t come up with something, I would(and still do!)fall back on the list of journal prompts that luna has provided.
  • Weekly Schedule - What’s going on during your week including when you work, when you have school, any appointments, plans, just whatever is going on.
  • Pictures - Take pictures of what you’re wearing every day, even if it’s just pajamas. And not just of clothing, but of things that make you feel little, all your stuffies(Daddy got well acquainted with my collection of stuffies this way!) , favorite blankie, sippy cup, store to shop at, pictures you’ve drawn or colored and any other art project you’ve done and want to share. And having your daddy do this as well(taking pictures of things that are important to him and that he likes)is a great way to interactively be involved with each other’s life.
  • Online Gaming - There’s a TON of websites out there that you can find with multiplayer games for free. And not just online, but on your smartphone as well. Both iTunes store and the Google Play Store offer a variety of games for cheap and this way you both can play on the go. Another option is through gaming platforms such as Steam and through whatever game console you have if both parties own one.
  • Coloring - Coloring is awesome and I’m pretty sure most littles will agree. There are a few different ways you can go about doing this long distance. One that I mentioned above(and was done by me!)is to color a picture then take a picture of it and share it with your daddy. The other two options, you can send the colored picture signed by you via snail mail to your daddy so he can hang it on his refrigerator or elsewhere OR color a picture online and send it to them via email for their enjoyment. Having your daddy being liking a picture you colored is such a great feeling!
  • Joint Tumblr Account - I enjoy Tumblr, a lot. Probably more than I should, but that’s beside the point. Create an account that both you and your daddy have access to and both can reblog pictures that both of you like, things that make you feel little, more naughty pictures of different positions and sexy underoos and then talk about what both of you have posted. This is a great way to get to know one another and to share some fun and fantasies.
  • Video Chat - The Internet has made having LDR a lot easier. You have FaceTime with Apple products and Hangouts with Google, there’s Skype and probably a million and one other ways to do this. What makes this so awesome is you don’t even have to have a webcam, just a smartphone. And besides getting to see each other’s faces, other fun stuff *looks around innocently* can happen too.
  • Little Tasks - This one maybe more for the daddies, but you can use this as a suggestion. Have your daddy give you a task, once a day, once a week, however frequent is up to the parties involved, to do something that makes you feel little. Color, watch cartoons, tea parties(can be done virtually through video chat!), whatever makes you feel little and happy. Sometimes us littles do need to be reminded to be little because it’s so easy to get caught up and wrapped up in the big people world.
  • Amazon Wish List - This is a great idea to exchange wish lists so that way if you want to surprise each other with a trinket, you know exactly what to get. Plus, it’s always fun to just look through one another’s wish lists.
  • Snail Mail - I know, I know, snail mail is so old fashioned, but sometimes those old fashioned ways work the best. It’s always a good thing to receive an email from your partner, but in my opinion, it’s even better to hold something in your hand that has been touched by your partner and not only that, but time and energy put into said something. Letters, cards, and small trinkets(especially an article of clothing that has been worn and smells like your partner!) can speak volumes and help shorten the distance.


I hope some of these ideas can help those of you who are in a long distance Big person/little relationship because I fully understand the pain and what a difficult time it can be with having any amount of distance between each other. If any readers out there have any ideas they would love to add to this list, please do!