I'm very new to this lifestyle. I became interested in it because I work part time as a webcam model and found I really enjoyed doing as I was told. I am exploring online and trying to better understand what I like. However the Dominants I have encountered have issues with me. They don't like my cam modeling, they don't like that I am shy and they are surprised when I admit I am a virgin. Am I looking in the wrong places? It's really hard for me to try and actively 'seek' someone because I am shy. I have noticed other submissive's saying they are shy. Is this a common thing or is it because I am inexperienced?

Let's address the comments about the Dominants you are encountering first. Since you don't say where you are meeting them I'm going to assume that it is online. From my personal experience, online and long distance relationships tend to be a bit more on the possessive side when it comes to sharing your body online. This includes webcams, photos and even talking with other Dominants. Not all Dominants have this preference but they are the majority. You will have to continue exploring until you find a relationship partner that doesn't mind what you do for a living.  Red Vinyl Kitty is an example of a slave that is a webcam professional and a submissive/slave and she may be able to give you some insight into that fact.

As far as shyness it's not any more common than the general population. There are shy submissives and there are shy Dominants. The Dominants you find are probably more surprised that you say you are shy yet you are a webcam model which is a very extroverted activity.

Virginity is overrated. Treasure or not, and who cares what the Dominants think about it. You'll be a virgin for as long as you feel it is necessary.

Looking for a Dominant

is not an easy process and while looking online is possible, you'll definitely have to weed out a ton of incompatible people. Patience and diligence will see you through. There are dating sites specifically for BDSM relationships but I recommend you figure out exactly what you are looking for as far as submission (sexual/domestic/service/etc) first so that you aren't misleading Dominants.

I wish you the best