This post is part of an effort to provide a glossary for novice submissives of words commonly seen across this site and in the BDSM community.

Edgeplay has three definitions. They both apply at the same time so if you are having an edge play discussion, make sure you know which definition you are using.

1. Edgeplay is SM play that involves a chance of harm, either physically or emotionally. It's also subjective to the players involved; what is risky for me might not be risky for you and visa versa. A few examples of edge play under this definition are fireplay, gunplay, rough body play including punching and wrestling, breath play and blood play.

2. Edgeplay can also literally mean play with an edge. Such examples of play are cutting, knives, swords and other sharp implements. These forms of edge play also fall under the broad term in #1.

3. Any practice which challenges the limits or boundaries of one or more of the participants.

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