One of the things that people love most about this site is gaining new knowledge and viewpoints.  I have taken it upon myselves to organize a day to take place once a month that will encourage bloggers to challenge themselves and explore their submissive choices!


All of Submissive Guide readers who enjoy challenging themselves and sharing knowledge with peers through their personal blogs.


  • A day dedicated to seeking inspiration through challenges and projects posted on Submissive Guide.
  • A challenge will be issued once a month on the 15th.
  • Readers have until the 25th to prepare their entries.
  • Participants will agree to share the challenge project on their blog meeting challenge requirements.
  • A post will be started on Submissive Guide on Blog Hop day where all individuals will be able to post a link to their personal blog posts displaying their challenge results.
  • Prizes may be issued and fun will be had by all who participate!


The actual Blog Hop will take place on the 25th of each month beginning @ 10am EST.


You will explore individual blogs through the list provided on the 25th on Submissive Guide.  People will also be encouraged to discuss things they have learned and what inspired them in the Blog Hop designated area of our Community Forum on that day.


Submissive Challenge #1

This month's challenge: 25 Things About You and Your SubmissionSince this is the introductory Blog Hop on Submissive Guide I want you to sort of introduce yourself and share some interesting things about yourself and your submission. You can choose to focus on anything you wish as long as you stay within the topic.

Important Blog Post Requirements:

  • Participating bloggers can add their link to the appropriate list anytime between 10am EST and 11pm EST on October 25th within the linky list on the Submissive Guide post.  Anyone posting their link after 11pm EST will not qualify for prizes.
  • Bloggers MUST post a project that coincides with Blog Hop Challenge #1 (posted above).
  • Bloggers who abuse the privilege of participating in our Blog Hop by self-promoting or advertising sales of any kind within their Blog Hop post will be automatically disqualified and blocked from participating in future events.

I hope you are as excited about this event as I am!  I look forward to seeing you on the 25th!!!

Blog Hop FAQs

What if I don't have a blog and I want to participate in the challenge?There are several free blog services available in which you could establish your very own blog! I recommend Kinky Blogging, run by KM and lunaKM may be a service that would be best for you & your needs.  If you do not wish to set up a blog, you are more than welcome to post your challenge project in our forums during the evening of the Blog Hop and share it with all of our visitors that evening. Forum submissions do not count for prizes in the Blog Hop.

Why are you focusing on blogs, why not just utilize your forums?

A submissive's personal blog allows them the space to describe in detail the unique aspects of their projects.  It also affords them the ability to add commentary and lead you through their thought process.  In addition, I am hoping that everyone will find a kindred spirit or two that they identify with.  Someone that they will be able to visit more often than just Blog Hop day to gain inspiration and encouragement from on a daily basis!