The most frequent question I get asked is what is about rituals; what are they, how do I start one, are they hard, do they help with your submission, etc. They really aren't that difficult once you understand what they are. There's no sacred rites or incantations or anything, unless that is what you want. A ritual is a formal practiced set of rules that is done on a regular basis.

Take for example when your Dominant arrives home from work. He rings the doorbell two times and then waits 30 seconds before unlocking and opening the door. The reason for this is for you to stop what you are doing and kneel, waiting for him to enter.  This is a ritual. It's a way to leave the work at the door and resume your submissive minds et.

You can also have meditation rituals. A slave's rosary is a good example of a meditation ritual.

There are all sorts of D/s couples that have rituals and talk about them online. Here's a current list of the ones I could find. If you have any rituals you'd like added to this list, let me know with a link where you've talked about it and I'll add it. Thanks!

Daily Rituals

Food Rituals

Ceremonies are specialized rituals. They are generally done only during very special moments.


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