I'm constantly exploring the internet and online libraries for information.  Today I found a wealth of knowledge about Gorean Lifestyle. I personally can't distinguish between online Gor and real life Gorean living so they are together in this list. Please feel free to leave a comment and add your own resources!


Gorean from Wikipedia - As applied to non-fictional individuals, the word Gorean means an adherent of the philosophies espoused in Norman's writings, especially someone who lives a lifestyle based on this philosophy.

Gor from Wikipedia

- Gor (pronounced /ˈɡɔr/), the Counter-Earth, is the alternate-world setting for John Norman's Chronicles of Gor (sometimes called the Gorean Saga), a series of twenty-eight novels that combine philosophyerotica and science fiction.

Gorean Living

- On this site, you will find facts and thoughts specifically pertaining to Gorean philosophy, Gorean culture and the application of such to real life here on Earth.

The Library of Gorean Knowledge

- A relatively old archive (2004) of information pertaining to the books and online Gor.

The Gorean Cave

- Here at ~The Gorean Cave~ instead of just expecting that you should 'base your answer on this one quote', I have taken my research a step further. I have provided not just the most popular quote, but many (if not all) of the quotes on the subject. I even then, in many cases, show you the context of these quotes.

Eden - A now static website about online Gorean slavery.

Gor vs. BDSM

- This is just one man's opinion about the differences between Gor and BDSM. It was written in response to a question a slave asked me and replied by e-mail. She wanted to know the difference between the two as she came from BDSM areas. That is not a place I have ever been a part of. Others will tell you similar things and different ones, including that there is no difference. I say to the last group, you just don't understand what Gor really is.

Gorean Resource

- maralyn offers, here in these pages, essays, information about Gor, quotations from the Gorean book series and more.

World of Gor

- originally created in partnership with one of the publishers of the novels.

The Gorean Lifestyle: A Woman's Right is Slave by Associated Content - One person's opinion on Gorean Lifestyle.

Gor Chronicles

- The current publisher of the novels hosts this site for John Norman fandom.

Second Life Gor

Gorean Fashion Syndicate


A List of the Gor Chronicles


A Comprehensive List of Gorean Chat Rooms and IRC Channels

Gorean Chat

Gorean Forums


The following set of videos is by MasterRocker. Descriptions and Quotes are from the Gor Book series by John Norman.