Your training resume should be growing in bulk and excellent information if you've been following along and developing your sections fully. We are now going to work on your community exposure section.

What I mean by community exposure are all the classes, extended weekends, get aways and other events you've attended in your past that had classes or learning opportunities that you took advantage of. Anything counts really. They don't have to be BDSM related either. If you went to a convention for management, for example, you'd have learned something from that class that you could possibly employ into your service.

The value of listing the conventions, retreats, and classes you've attended can only be weighed against the unknown. Sharing the list of regional or national events you have attended and what classes you went to will not only provide your dominant with information as to what you might be interested in or knowledgeable about but also will be a great collection of information for your own self later on when you sign up for future conventions.

It may come as an obvious point but you should be keeping a travel journal when you attend conventions. This document will keep your memory fresh with what you are learning and seeing. That way when you get home you can update your training resume in your own time. Each class should have the following information:

  • Presenter's name
  • Synopsis of the class
  • The event it was held at
  • Contact information for the presenter if you have it
  • What you want to remember/take away from the class
  • handouts or other materials from the class

Sure just hearing this information now means that classes you have attended in the past might be sketchy. That's fine, just start now and get this information added to a new section of your training resume!