Some of you may have come across the British website - Informed Consent. It's a sort of British Fetlife with blog posts, message boards and personals to search. The news came out recently to say due to various reasons the person who is behind the site is closing it at the end of February.

I thought I'd post a link to the site here for the benefit of anyone who may find it of use whilst it still exists in case there is the chance someone might have a potential partner or friend lurking there that they might not otherwise come across.

It's sort of special to me as a resource since I met my Master there by reading a blog post of his that appealed to me and for Brits has a sort of more local feeling to what Fetlife does - though credited Fetlife is much more colourful with many more pictures and video.

I've mentioned before on my posts on Submissive Guide that when  I discovered D/s I ended up in a bad relationship. I read a lot of information that made me think the man I found was right for me when he couldn't have been more wrong. Someone pointed me in the direction of Informed Consent and it changed a lot of my thoughts since there I could read stories and thoughts of real people and also see a directory of events for my country and at that time Fetlife did not exist.

There are now, of course, other resources that provide information to help people new into D/s. Like this one! I hope you guys have learned something from this wonderful resource Luna has compiled for us here.

With the closure of Informed Consent though its got me thinking about how it and other sites impact the D/s relationships we have and would welcome thoughts on the following -


  • Have you met a Dominant or submissive on a website - if so which one? What was good about the site or bad? I'd be especially interested to see if anyone has got in touch with a partner or new friend by reading a post or comment of theirs here on Submissive Guide.  I really hope someone has :)
  • Have you found articles on the internet that have aided your submission on other sites apart from this one? If so do you have links to share?
  • Do you think there is anything we could do on Submissive Guide to help people on a more local level? Certainly, I'm happy to give advice on the UK scene.


Look forward to reading your comments!