Dear Submissive Guide,

I am a little girl and have a wonderful Daddy Dom. How else can I show my submissiveness in a little girl way without falling into total servitude and then becoming more like a slave?

Thank you, His Little Girl

Dear LG,

I think your question is one that crosses plenty of submissive’s - of all types - minds. So before I give you ideas of what you can do as a little, let me clear something up.

Submitting to your Dominant doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll become a servant to them or, ultimately, a slave. It happens in one of three ways:

  1. You allow it happen because you think it’s what you’re supposed to do and don’t say no.
  2. You’re manipulated into it by a bad Dominant.
  3. You both discuss and agree to it and figure out your boundaries and what it means for your relationship.

Assuming none of those three are your situation, simply acting more submissive won’t lead you to servitude and slave status.

Even within the confines of your submission, it is all negotiable. If you’re not comfortable doing something or it’s a limit, you have to say so and a good Dominant will respect that.

Okay, I’m done lecturing. Let’s get to what you really want to know - how you can be a submissive in your little girl way for your Daddy.

  • Do what he asks you to do.
  • Say “thank you” when he gives you treats or does something for you.
  • Say “please” and ask permission for things - seconds at dinner, dessert, to stay up late, whatever works in your dynamic.
  • Ask what you can do for him. It’s okay to make it part of a little girl thing, wanting to make your Daddy happy, but sometimes the best way to serve is to ask what they want/need.
  • Be your sweet, little girl self - especially when he’s had a hard day. Do the things you do that make him smile.
  • Do your “little” things - coloring, pigtails, whatever it might be - and present him with a picture, photo, or video so he can have it for himself.

If your Daddy Dom is like others, he wants to take care of you, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need someone to take care of him. As a submissive, it’s best to ask what you can do, discuss what you’d like to do, and let him know what you don’t feel comfortable doing. But don’t think that doing more for your Dom leads down a path to becoming a slave for him. You have more control over that than you realize.