Learn The Art of Speaking Submissively

As a submissive, you may not know that there are a variety of approaches to the way you handle speaking to others. You need help from someone who has done it all before and can show you how to speak demurely and with a humble attitude.

In this book, I will give you the tools you need to learn appropriate responses, how to address people and submissive speaking skills for a number of common situations.

Develop Your Submissive Verbal Skills!

Lessons in Submissive Speech takes your interactions with Dominants, and others to the next level and it’s perfect for you if you are:

  • frustrated that your current use of language makes you sound bossy
  • focused on understanding how you can improve and enhance your current power exchange relationship
  • determined to learn more about speech protocol in an easy and unassuming way

By the time you’re finished, this book will have helped you:

  • Be less assertive and aggressive in your everyday speech.
  • Learn what slang and impoliteness can do to your interactions with others.
  • Understand how to apologize… it’s more than “I’m sorry!”
  • Build a personal or relationship protocol around addressing other people, interacting with service persons and more.
  • Explore how communication online is a whole different world.


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