Learn the Art of Speaking in a Submissive Manner

Lessons in Submissive Speech is a downloadable ebook that will give you the tools you need to learn appropriate responses, how to address people and submissive speaking skills for a number of situations.

In my everyday exchanges with submissive friends, I learn that one of the most difficult things for them to learn, and myself too, is the right way to say something that will convey my subservience or express a more humble attitude. I’ve done some research and put together some of the best suggestions and my communication with my Dominant has grown leaps and bounds!

If you want to be less assertive and aggressive in your everyday speech this book will show you how.

What’s Inside?

What You’ll Learn:

  • Addressing superiors, equals and subordinates
  • Polite interruptions
  • Delivering messages for your Dominant
  • Answering the door or phone
  • Appropriate apologies
  • Tone and Volume
  • and more!


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