But, like you, when I reached that point in my journey I didn’t even know how to find a munch let alone what in the world one was, if I was going to be labeled a freak, what to wear and if I would have to know someone to be allowed in.

I’m so very thankful I stopped listening to my inner scaredy-cat and stepped out the door. I’ve made friends, learned so much from others and got to feel like I was a part of something normal and accepted. This ebook is packed full of answers to the very questions that had my butt nailed to the chair for the longest time and my fears hugely unfounded.

Calm your Nerves and Arm Yourself with the Facts

Guide to Your First Munch is a downloadable quick guide designed to make entering the local and regional BDSM community where you are – anywhere you are, painless and easy! Even being shy won’t be an obstacle anymore because you’ll have taken the steps necessary to assure yourself you are safe and secure, and welcome!

Writing this guide has been a culmination of everything I’ve learned and all I wish I had known before I went to my first munch. I probably would have avoided the embarrassing “mashed potato wrestling fantasy” story told out of nervousness! I’m shocked that they just smiled and nodded and even asked me to come back. But here I am with some of the best friends, great people to get advice and mentoring from and I’ve grown to love my social outlet.

I’ve been a part of the local and regional community on some level or another for over 10 years. I’ve lead groups, I’ve hosted and presented at others. I’ve been the silent wall flower at still more. There’s really no wrong way to get involved in the community. Once you buy my ebook you’ll have the basics down and be able to bravely walk into the restaurant or cafe and shake hands with people JUST LIKE YOU.



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