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Sephani Paige

Sephani is a 27 yr old full time, TPE slave to her Master and fiancee. She’s always enjoyed writing and helping other people, sharing experiences with others like me so she started blogging a little over a year ago at ‘Turn The Paige’ and have fallen in love with the community! She has a quirky (smart ass) sense of humor and is nearly impossible to offend!

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Beginning Domestic Service: Making The Most Of A Frugal Food Budget

How to take care of your Dominant while conserving a frugal food budget.

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Keep In Good Standing - A Tip For Submissives Who Can't Kneel

As someone with 2 bad knees, who requires assistance to get back up when she finally manages to get on her knees, I've been dealing with this issue for quite some time and have come up with a few alternatives to share with you.

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Let's Be Selfish - Recharging The Submissive Battery

We spend so much time and energy making sure our Sir's and Mistress' are happy that sometimes we forget to attend to the most important part of us: ourselves.

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Super-Ego And The Good Girl

How many times have you heard a submissive say how he/she loves to be told they are a "good girl/boy" by their dominant? Yet how many times have any of them been able to pin point the why of the effect it has on them? I have a theory.

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