Generally speaking, the first time you encounter someone in a BDSM context you will likely have to introduce yourself. We’ve all heard that you only get one chance to make a first impression to make sure it’s a good one.

I’m going to break this up into two separate sections. One for single submissives and situations that are casual or low protocol and then the other section will be a higher protocol situation. Use what works best for you and make sure you talk about all this with your partner before adopting anything.

Greeting a Dominant that you do not know with a title they didn’t earn shows a sign of ignorance or an untrained submissive. You should never approach someone with, “Hello Master” or “Greetings Mistress.” It’s inappropriate and will get you discarded really quickly.

Also, if you give an introduction and say you have to call them by a title that you are uncomfortable with, this is a sign of an ignorant or novice Dominant. Sir and Ma’am are almost always okay as it’s common courtesy.

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You may want to ask a person how they’d like to be addressed before you introduce yourself. It’s always good form around Dominants but can work or anyone.

“Pardon me, but I do not know how you wish to be addressed.” “Please excuse me, but I am unaware of how you like to be addressed.”

Remember to then thank them for using their preferred address before your introduction.

Casual and Low Protocol Introductions

Since relaxed atmospheres are more common for BDSM socials, these will likely always work for you. These phrases can also come easier to you because they feel more natural. Once you know how to address the person your introduction could go something like these.

“Hello Sir, I’m lunaKM, nice to meet you.” “I don’t believe we have met before Ms. Joy. I’m lunaKM, submissive to KnyghtMare.” “I’m so happy to make your acquaintance George. My name is lunaKM and I belong to KnyghtMare.”

High Protocol Introductions

Higher protocol requires a more formal way to introduce yourself. Don’t forget to obtain the preferred way to be addressed before introducing yourself.

“If it pleases you, Sir, I am called lunaKM.” “It is an honor to meet you, Ms. Joy. I am called lunaKM, submissive to KnyghtMare.” “It is an honor to make your acquaintance George. If I may, I am lunaKM, submissive to KnyghtMare.”

Keep in mind that manners may or may not be mentioned but they are always expected.