This is a guest post for the Day in a Life Series. Thank you Tlbsab!

First, let me say that this article is in no way meant to offend anyone and is meant for information only. Religion is the basis of our relationship and is the reason that our lifestyle works for our family. I hope you enjoy our day….

To be dating at this period of my life was highly unexpected. I was shocked 2 years ago to be widowed at age 38. I had settled down years ago, not with the man of my dreams but with a friend who gave me extra support after a divorce. So yes for those of you doing the math I have been married twice and I’m 40 years old. I had given up on love and fallen back on the old stand by; “I’ll just date and have fun. I’m too busy at work to have a real romance anyway.” To add a little spice to the mix, I have a 13-year-old girl. Not the most attractive package to a single man, although I know I am the real thing wrapped up with a bow. When I met my Guy with two girls, 13 and 11, it was like it was destined.

So dating life just got a little more complicated, but a lot sweeter. As we got to know each other, his ideas about how the household should run were like music in my ears. Based on biblical teachings of my childhood, Christian Domestic Discipline is a type of kinky household in which the man is the head of the household. I was taught during my college days that it was old fashion and non-existent away from the Bible Belt of the South. But here was a man who believed in his heart that he should run the house with the guidance of the scripture (Ephesians 5:22-24) and I was so thrilled. Soon as I hit my front door, I am submissive to him in every way.

Our day starts as I get home from work. I run a very busy store on the graveyard shift and usually fight my way to make it to bed before falling asleep. I first text him “Good Morning” so that he knows I am home safe. I am not allowed to text before 8 am but that is out of consideration of his sleeping schedule. We usually discuss any plans for the day and I head to bed setting the alarm so that I will not oversleep date night. My daughter is my backup alarm. Her ring tone wakes me up every time. I make a quick run to the school and pick up all the girls, then it's straight to his house to make dinner.

My next task is to make sure dinner is hot and ready when he walks in the door so there is no delay in our plans. He decides the menu when I am cooking and what time it should be done. When he arrives, I meet him at the door with a quick kiss and ask how his day was; then it's off to the kitchen to plate his food. After he is set, I feed the children. Running two households does become complicated but the family caring atmosphere has filled any shortcomings that may happen. The girls are now old enough to stay by themselves so that helps. There are no more canceled dates because of late sitters. Waahoo!

Our relationship is more evident when we arrive at the pool hall. He is an avid pool player and I am there to support his team and sport. I start the tab and check with anyone to see if they need anything to drink. I make sure that he has anything that he might need. Throughout the night I am at his right side to fulfill his every whim whether it be a swat on the ass, a grab of my tit, or being a flirt with the cutie sitting next to us. I have learned my role at the hall, something he enjoys showing off; whether it be my skirt that shows off my long legs or my demeanor. We are very open about our Dominant/submissive roles here in the adult setting. It helps relieve the stress that builds at our homes.

After our night at the pool, we head back to one of the houses for a little playtime. This is where having two homes comes in handy. With the girls at one and us at the other, we don’t have to worry about the noise factor. We can truly let go and express ourselves. He brags that he is a sadistic pig sometimes and I would back that up after our first play. After our fun, we head home for a good night’s sleep. I always sleep at his side if I am not working. We both know from past relationships that sleeping together is an important part of intimacy and should be required unless physically impossible.

A lot of our friends ask about the example I am providing for the three girls. I have worked very hard to support them in every way. They have grown up to be very strong, capable, independent women; although those of you that know me know any domestic abilities come from my Guy. My goal has been to show them the gift of submission. During a shopping trip one afternoon, the youngest asked me “Why do you like being my father’s servant?” My response, “I am not his servant. I do things for him because I care for him. It is good to do things for people we love.” There have been no more questions. I think the goal has been accomplished.

Tlbsab is a submissive in Colorado Springs. She was brought up in a southern Christian Domestic Discipline household, although she wouldn’t dare tell her father a fundamentalist preacher she is kinky. She discovered her kinky side after starting a relationship with a Dominant Man and continues to grow in her submission through study, research and guidance from her Guy. You can find her on FetLife as robslittletambit .