This is a guest post by Pam for the Day in the Life Series.

As a new submissive, I am constantly seeking out new information. Scouring the internet has almost become an addiction. With each new article, I read I can find others to dispute it. I have come to realize the journey for me will be different than the journey you travel. Still, I hope my experiences will be helpful but they are only mine. Yours will be unique to you.

I really don’t have a typical day. It depends so much on what Sir has planned. I suppose that might not be for everyone but His wishes do guide my decisions. When I awake I always email Sir to wish Him “good morning.” It is my way of reaffirming my submission to Him daily. I don’t think my day would be complete without that initial contact. Even on days that I don’t hear from Sir, it helps me to know that He is thinking of me.

Since we are in a long distance relationship (LDR), our time is precious. We are able to be in constant contact through Yahoo Messenger even when we are working. We are lucky that our jobs can allow for that. My day really begins when I get my first message from Sir. Just a simple “hello, baby” puts a big smile on my face. As we chat throughout the day, He has me complete small tasks, work permitting. He would never jeopardize my job. And we usually manage to spend lunch together talking on the phone. The day ends with Him telling me to be careful on the drive home. “Take care of you for Me,” is the way He says it.

We don’t have any more contact until later that evening but my mind is always thinking of Him. He will have told me how to prepare for the evening so part of my time is spent getting ready. The webcam is a wonderful way to connect with Sir. It is almost like sitting in His presence. He reads my reactions carefully, almost never missing when my mood changes. I forget that He can see me and I’m sure my facial expressions are more expressive than I realize. Not that I would try to hide anything from Sir. It’s just that He seems to know how I am feeling before I do.

We have a nightly routine that helps us say “good night.” He watches while I put my toys away and turn off the lights. Then I crawl into bed and position the webcam close to my face. I usually blow Him a kiss and say “good night” before closing my eyes. Sir watches me drift off to sleep.

The weekends are much different. Sir is home with His family and until recently I was with mine. Since I have just moved out, I am on my own for the first time ever. There isn’t much contact between us during the day. We still manage most evenings but nothing is promised. Sir has been very truthful about His situation. Still, it doesn’t keep me from missing Him. I try to keep busy, waiting until weekends to do any errands or shopping that needs to be done. Nothing really helps until I hear from Sir. Even a simple email from Him to let me know He is thinking of me keeps me going. The distance is tough. The situation is tough. With all of that, I can’t imagine my life without Sir. I am His and I am proud to be His submissive.