This is a guest post by cyberkittenXLS for the A Day in the Life Series.

I will preface this by saying there is not really a "typical" day for me as I work 2 part-time retail jobs. That being said let's assume I work afternoon to evening for this...

I wake up to our toddler's voice over the monitor. (Usually "Ok mommy, I'm done. Get up!") I undo the single leg restraint Master has me wear at night (as attaching it to my collar could be dangerous) and throw on some sort of clothing. After getting her up and her getting Daddy up I retrieve clothes for Master and had to the kitchen. I prepare breakfast for our ravenous daughter and Master if he getting up right away. Mine is eaten standing up usually as I square things away in the kitchen.

The rest of the morning is spent between light cleaning, child care and family time. I am not yet in full-on kitty mode, you see, since our kid is up.

I make lunch for all three of us and eat with the family before rushing to get ready for work (dress, food for my meal break etc.) Kiss everyone goodbye and... that's it until I get home, really. I work in a deli at our local grocery store and at the hardware store next to it as a cashier/ stock girl while Master stays home and watches our daughter. It may be an unusual arrangement... stay at home dad/Dom however it works for us. Only other note is both jobs don't care if I wear my collar which I now only take off to bathe. It is a thin nylon dog collar (as in Master got it in a pet store) with a Celtic-ish design on it and a few jingle bells hanging from the conveniently large O-ring.

When I get home I usually put Bug to bed and then my service truly begins. I usually am ordered to Master's feet at once to remove shoes/socks and massage, then to please him orally for a bit. Usually at this point he tells me what state of (un)dress kitty should be in. I do a good clean of the living and dining rooms, stopping for any of Master's needs.

Then I might get some "dot time" (chasing a laser pointer about, a good way for me to get in kitty mindset) or some little time coloring. The evening will vary from watching a movie cuddled up to playing video games usually. A lot does depend on my mindset... if I am feeling "little" things may go more childlike. If I'm feeling catlike then I might just want to amuse myself with my cat toys. Usually I'm a mixture , as likely to express myself in mews as words, varying amounts of lovey. I am a very cat-like girl, y'know.

The only thing that ever gets in the way is if I'm having a bad Arthur (arthritis) day. Yes I'm 27, however genetics dealt me a bad hand and I've lived with osteoarthritis for 12 years now. If my knees are bad Master doesn't have me do so much "on the floor" things and I'm likely to be sitting on the couch with him.

I always end up making Master an egg sandwich before bed, just right. I guess this is my version of coffee service Luna talks about (Master doesn't like coffee very much.)

At bed-time bed time things occur (sometimes but not always involving a bit of  S&M, always a bit of D/s), then I fasten my leg restraint and curl up next to Master with him scratching behind my ears, warm and safe.

cyberkittenXLS is a 27 (yikes) year old mother of one with Asperger's, Borderline and a wonderful personality. She has been pet to her fiance/lover/best friend of over a decade for a year now.  She classifies herself as a  little neko slave . She can be reached by email at, or her brand-spanking new blog at