One of the most valuable things that I think any submissive should know is how to express gratitude in more than one way. I know I've taken a lot for granted when I was first starting out and exploring kink with anyone who was interested. Never once did I say thank you for it. I was a terribly ungrateful submissive.

I'm not perfect now but I know more about saying thank you and the value that it can have. Take the following steps to make your gratitude come from the heart. Use it well and use it often.

1. Take the time to comprehend that gratitude comes from within. Understand that gratitude is a reflection and perspective, therefore, it's difficult to extend it to anyone unless one starts practicing as a way of life.

2. Select a modest and sincere wording without overwhelming the person who did a good deed. Don't make it sound flimsy and lazy with something that had a serious impact in your life or well-being.

3. Service personnel makes it their job to make sure you are happy and pleased with their service. Do your best to show your appreciation as often as possible. Don't take their service for granted.

Taking what I've shared above, what are some good ways to say thank you?

"Thank you kindly for allowing me to sit next to you."

"I appreciate the hard work you do when we play together."

"This girl is grateful for the generosity you have shown her."

"Thank you very much!"

How do you say thank you?