Begging is an art form for submissives. Each of us has our own talent or lack thereof in this area. For some, it is part of humiliation or just everyday activities. There are different approaches to begging.

Verbal Approach

Master insists that I beg for a lot of things and I think that most Dominants choose this route to see just how desperate their submissive is for whatever it is they want. Generally, it's about being allowed to come or when you have been teased to death and you just want sex, right, now!

I used to be horrible at begging. "Pretty please with a cherry on top?" Then if that didn't work I'd up the ante. "Whipped cream?" "Chocolate Sauce?" Uh-huh, what was I doing, tempting him with dessert? This never worked.

Then I went to the "potty dance routine" of "please, please, please, please...." So many pleases in there that it just didn't have the sentiment that he wanted out of me so that didn't work either.

Now I'm catching on. I'm nowhere near perfect but I can and generally do get what I've begged for after a short stint of him grinning at me and telling me that wasn't good enough. He wants me to go all out and yes, I give it to him.

Say I want to come and I know he's going to ask me to beg. It may go something like this:

"Master, please may I come? I'm so hot and my clit feels like it's going to explode!"

He usually declines the first time so then it gets more desperate.

"Master, oh god Master I'd really love to come for you and show you just how slutty I am. Please let me come."

If he's just in the mood to listen to me beg he'll give me that grin that says, "Almost, but not quite." Then the big guns come out.

"Master, I need to come so bad for you, if you let me come I'll scream and moan so loud, God Master, I don't want to hold it anymore, please? I'll suck your dick like a madwoman if I can"

Yup, bribery. I opt for giving him things that I don't normally do voluntarily. That's just the way it works for me. I have to really show him how desperate he's made me, tell him the orgasm is really his and not what I need and then top it off with something that he's going to love.

Physical Approach

Kneeling and kissing the feet of your dominant is not only a sign of submission but is a good start for begging for what you desire. This humbling of yourself goes a long way to finding that sweet spot in a Dominant so that they may pay mercy on your and allow what you are asking for. Other ideas can be prostration, kissing hands or bowing/curtsying.

Nonverbal Approach

The puppy dog eyes come out when nonverbal may work for you. The right look can transmit what you want or need very well and some Dominants prefer to have you look like you want it while listening to you beg. What look do you get on your face when you need to get permission for something?

A mixture of any of these approaches requires practice. I'm still not perfect but I'm learning what my Master requires of me when I'm asked to beg for 'it'.

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