Just as saying yes or answering in the affirmative can be done many ways, saying no has many ways you can say it also.

When a submissive gives a negative answer it can be a simple “no” or it can be as elaborate as the Dominant wishes. Some Dominants do not allow the submissive to use the word “no” at all.

Here are some ideas for how you can answer negatively in a D/s context depending on preference and situation.

For example, if the Dominant asked, “Are you warm?”

“This slave is not warm, Master.” “Sir, no Sir.” “No Master, I am not warm Master, thank you for caring for me.”

Other ways to reply negatively may be:

“Not unless you wish it, Sir.” “I am not warm, Master.” “No, thank you, Ma’am.” “Not at this time, Sir.” “No Mistress.”

Norische has shared the Asian form:

"Gracious Master, Thank you most humbly for your concern for this worthless creatures welfare. If it would please my most esteemed Master, this worthless creature does not require sustenance at this time, but if my most Honorable Master wishes it I would be honored to serve in some other meaningless manner."

Verbalizing may not be necessary at all. A simple downcast of the eyes and a shake of the head to indicate a negative response always works.

As with affirmative responses, it is important to remember that casual slang like “nope”, “nah” and “nuh-uh” should be avoided and considered inappropriate unless that is the preference of the Dominant.