I'm personally not a domestic person. When I do find the desire to clean it's normally to relieve stress (believe it or not). It can help calm my nerves and give my mind something else to do while working on the house. Since I've become Master's stay at home submissive I find I need to look further than stress relief to get the chores done. I'm certain that you have felt the same way too. Chores just happen to be the reality of a submissive sometimes. It's not glorifying, it's not fantasy. It's just life. If you are fortunate to have a Dominant willing to share the domestic chores that's wonderful, but many submissives have to balance work and home life to make their Dominant happy.

So what does this have to do with washing dishes? Sure the title is misleading until I tell you a little story. One night I was exploring the internet via Google search looking for ways to develop my domestic skills, I was searching for simple ways to do things, greener cleaning solutions and so forth. One of the links I clicked was Make Washing Dishes Fun by danae over on Domestic Servitude. It was the first time I had encountered this site and it wasn't going to be the last. I read all of the archives. She also has a post on Handwashing Dishes that I enjoyed. I found there were small ways to recapture the joys of cleaning and home care.

Since then I have grown in my way of cleaning, I'm finding simpler ways to do things. I have learned to recycle and prepare some simple things. The inspiration I get from the site was all I needed to push me further into my domestic service. I'm far from perfect but I'm getting better every single day.

The site has grown since I first found it. danae has taken on a few more authors to help her with the work and the reading is fabulous. If you have any domestic struggles with your submission this is a fantastic website to go to for all sorts of tips. I especially enjoy the recipes personally, but they share lots of fantastic DIY items, the internet finds and so much more. I don't think anything like this exists anywhere else. Can I just say I love this site?!

What other sites would you recommend for someone learning domesticity?