After the invitation has been received and you decide to go comes a moment of panic for many submissives. What do you wear to a play party? As with everything here, take these as suggestions and ideas for your own wardrobe. All parties are not created equal and be sure to find out if you have to dress at the party or if you can wear it off the street. There are also different dress codes for private parties vs. public/membership clubs. Pay attention to the requirements of these places when selecting what you want to wear.

Even if you don't have any fetish wear in your wardrobe I'm sure you can find something that would be acceptable at the party. Depending on your level of undress that you desire it could be as simple as a matching bra and panty set with maybe some garters and heels. Lingerie is always welcome at parties that I've been too as well. Corsets, bustiers, and cinchers of any sort are quite common. From these ideas, I'm sure you can come up with something to wear if you have never dressed for a party before.

Now, if you have leather, rubber, latex or another fabric in clothing then that's also quite welcome at these events. Tight blue jeans have been a welcome sight when paired with some leather or sexy top. One party I went to I saw a woman wearing only rope in the form of a dress (an actual dress) it was really neat. I imagine that it took the rigger a long time to get it wrapped just right.

There is always the customary black clothing which seems to be a Top/Dom staple. Must be something about the attitude and nature of the desires being expressed at the party that draws people to black clothing. Dressing stylishly and sexy wins when coming in off the street for a party. If in doubt ask the host/hostess.

Other things I've seen worn at play parties are:

  • Hotpants
  • Collars of all sorts
  • Costumes (nurse, school girl, policeman, military, etc)
  • Chastity belts
  • Leather harnesses
  • Chaps
  • Cod pieces
  • Gauntlets in rope, leather or rubber
  • Knee high or thigh high boots
  • Zentai suits

Cost can be a huge interference when it comes to obtaining fetish wear but you can be creative and come up with outfits that will work for you and not break the bank. Check out the essay, ' Fetish Wear for a Tenner or Less by Lauren'. She gives some wonderful ideas that are versatile and useful.

Most importantly is to feel good in what you are wearing. It could make or break the outfit. Don't wear something just because everyone else does, wear it because it makes you feel good, you feel in character or you love how you look in it. That attitude will show in whatever you choose to wear.

Enjoy the party!