As a  novice submissive in this technology age you typically explore submission online in chat room and in instant messaging. There is nothing wrong with this avenue for dipping your toe in the water. There are, however, very real dangers that predators use to capture novices and can do more harm to your curiosity than good.

These predators use blind faith to pressure you into compliance as a demonstration of your 'true' submissiveness. They may use tactics like, 'If you are submissive you will do x, y and z for me.' The may also ask you for a lot of information as a test and yet they remain completely hidden. You could come away with absolutely no real information about them but they could know you like a book.

So, what is blind faith anyway? Let's start with the dictionary definition:

BLIND: To conceal or to put something forward for the purpose of misleading. Subterfuge. One who acts to the point of insensibility.

FAITH: To trust, give allegiance or loyalty to another. Fidelity to one’s promises. Or, a firm belief in something for which there is no proof. It can also mean to offer a binding promise.

From the definition we can see that there is deceit and masking to provide trust and respect from another person. In the realm of online D/s this can be an access point for predators to find pliable victims to do illegal activities such as identity theft, physical harm or sexual violation.

You may be thinking that it's all online, you can't honestly be in that much danger from someone online. It is important to remember that first contacts are with total strangers. You do not know who is on the other end of the screen. The usage of testing your submissiveness immediately should be a warning sign. A healthy Dominant will not need to know every single detail of a submissive's life within the first conversation. A predator wants to glean information from you as fast as possible to find your weak points. They will be more interested in your personality, reactions, and interactions with them. Simple chemistry. Open natural conversations tend to reveal and answer most questions easily. A predator takes the time to learn what issues will trigger a submissive, how to speak to them and how to assault them.

Do not let yourself believe that trust and compliance is necessary from the beginning with anyone. A healthy Dominant knows that trust is something learned and earned between parties and will be patient with you while they gain your respect. You may be a novice to BDSM, but you are not new to life. You wouldn't trust the stranger sitting next to you on the bus with your personal belongings; don't trust the person on the other end of the keyboard with your information.

Blind faith testing

is a way of turning a submissives ‘desire to perform’ against them. There is no negotiation during this type of offering, the entirety of it is one sided or leading. A new submissive can easily be enticed into completing and following this pathway of tests often giving out personal information that if they were asked directly they would not answer. There is a subtle desire to ‘do this test well’ for this apparent Dominant. There is often additional pressure applied through stressed time frames for the completion of each test. This additional pressure may make the submissive feel desired but most often pushes them into revealing life details that they should not reveal to a total stranger." (Mistress Steel, "Blind Faith,"

Trust should not be given to anyone sporting a Dominant sounding name on the Internet. Trust is earned through significant consistent actions by that Dominant over a period of time. If a Dominant cannot offer any kind of references or information about themselves then you should not give to that person any level of blind faith or trust!