There is a lot of advice out there, and not all of it is good and it’s so easy to write a ‘how to’ book for s-types without knowing what you’re really writing about or just giving out bad information, even if the author thinks otherwise. I’ve read a few of those books and I really would hate for others in the lifestyle to read these kinds of books and think that’s a way to live the lifestyle. I have had How to be a Healthy and Happy Submissive by Kate Kinsey on my Kindle for I don’t know how long and had it downloaded to read for I have absolutely no idea. As I’ve said before, I like reading these kinds of books because I like seeing what’s out there and what to recommend too.

This book is a short read. If you’re looking for some kind of deep, in depth book, you’re not going to find it here. Just because it’s a short read doesn’t take away from the valuable information that is inside. There is a lot of great information inside as well as some amazing quotes from the author that really caught my eye and had me jumping for joy that these things had been said because they are things that s-types do need to hear and be aware of. I’ve even shared a number of passages from this book with a submissive’s group I’m in on Facebook because I find the information worth sharing.

In the first chapter of the book, Kinsey says that she doesn’t want male s-types to feel marginalized since she uses female pronouns in the book, her reasons for doing so is because she doesn’t have that much experience with male s-types and that mainly females are the ones who are asking her advice. Even though female pronouns are used throughout the book, it is great basic information for any s-type, regardless of what pronouns they use. So please, don’t let that stop you from reading this book.

Each chapter is on the short side, ranging from 3 to 6 pages, sometimes a little more. This is why I said you won’t find super, in depth discussions, but Kinsey is able to in the chapters express the important points of the topic and will leave the reader with some food for thought. I think the short chapters are great because a) there’s not a lot of overwhelming information(we all know when being brand new how easy it is to be overwhelmed with information) and b) it’s a great starting off point to know what topics you want to learn about. She covers everything from sub-frenzy to being 24/7 to the difference between s-types and bottoms to contracts and a lot more useful topics. I was very impressed with all the different topics she covered and how well she covered them. I also love the friendly, down to earth tone the book is written in. There’s no ‘one twue way’ or ‘I’m the best in the world and know everything’ in this book, which I have found that sometimes appears in books like these.

This book is totally worth checking out and for those who are newly venturing into the lifestyle and wanting to educate themselves in a non-overwhelming manner. If you would like to find more information about the author and the book, you can visit her website at and you can pick up a copy of How to be a Healthy and Happy Submissive on Amazon both in paperback and ebook.