Self-worth is inherent in all of us. We gather our own opinions about ourselves and based on what we think other people think of us.  I had a tendency to rate myself, at say five or six on a scale from one to ten, in terms of how worthy I was. Worthy of happiness, success, joy, money, progress, it all had a rating that would tell me I just wasn't worth it. This mental state would outline itself on new situations in my life, maintaining the same old limited sense of my capabilities. Apparently, this rating was my comfort zone, in that I felt anxiety about attaining either higher or lower levels of success.

And then I found submission, or rather it found me. Feeling finally free to express myself in a manner that felt good. I had a sense that the people I was interacting with on my submissive journey had a higher level of self-worth than I had of myself. It's amazing what interacting with others that have higher self-esteems will do for your own self-worth. It can either make you feel less or it can bolster you up.

Amazingly, I was lifted up and through some daily mental exercises, I improved my self-worth. I would stand in front of the mirror every day and tell myself that I was worth everything the world had to offer and that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. Your mind is capable of many wondrous things if you let it. My self-worth was actualized when I found a Dominant that wanted me, desired me and craved my service. Yes - someone else helped my self-worth reach its peak. I don't recommend hoping that someone else changes your self-worth - you should do it yourself.

What really matters is how you feel about yourself, not what other people think you should feel.

So how do you begin this journey of self-discovery to improve your self-worth?

Here are a few things that come to mind courtesy of Operation Beautiful.

  • Reflection. Think about the people, places, and things that have influenced your life. Did they positively or negatively contribute to the way you feel about yourself?  How does that affect your life now?  Should it affect your life now?
  • Daily Affirmations. Self-talk can go a long way in determining how we feel and what we present to the world.  Try this:  Choose a phrase to state your intentions for the day like, "I will cherish my body today."
  • Journaling.  Write down inspiring quotes, exciting events in your life and interesting people you have met. Make sure to look at this book daily.
  • Laugh.  Have fun.  Spend time with people who make you smile. Laughing always makes you feel better, guaranteed.

What are your thoughts on self-esteem?   What tips could you add to list?