Today is day 23 of the Submissive Advent Calendar. If you missed yesterday’s post you can  go back to that now, or  rewind all the way to the beginning. You can also  read the introduction post.

One of my all time favorite activities during the holiday season is to look at Christmas lights. As a child, we used to be bundled up in our pj's and blankets and Mom and Dad would drive around the neighborhoods we knew would have beautiful lights. It is still a wonderful sight for me to see how other people have decorated their houses for the season.

But you don't even have to leave the house to admire the twinkling lights; just look at your own tree with all the house lights off. The little twinkling bulbs always bring out the excitement for me of a Christmas full of family and friends and good times.

In all its Majesty the real Christmas lights are the stars, that twinkle all year long.  They never fail to stop me in my tracks when I get a good view from somewhere. I could look at them for hours.


Look at Christmas lights. You can travel around the neighborhood or enjoy the beauty of your own tree. How does man's creativity make you feel?

Then, look at the stars. Are you in awe of creation?