Today is day 12 of the Submissive Advent Calendar. If you missed yesterday’s post you can  go back to that now, or  rewind all the way to the beginning. You can also  read the introduction post.

I am often asked if being submissive means you have to be humble, meek and reserved. It always puzzles me to think that these ideas even exist but my answer to them is always, "no." In fact, I often write for this website that you should be engaged in your submission, focused on what you love and doing everything in your power to make it the best it can be - because for many of us this is the life we've chosen. Being lazy in life isn't going to get you very far.

And that goes with being proud. I love that I'm KnyghtMare's slave. I wear that badge proudly. I love the feeling it gives me when I look at him and know that my submission to him works so well and I have everything I ever need.  My submission brings me pride and joy.


"You have the right to be proud of what you are. Being a submissive is nothing that should ever bring you shame or feelings of reproach. Your submissive nature is a gift and should always be a source of pride and happiness." - Unknown

We are going to tell the world that we are proud submissives/slaves/bottoms/baby girls/kitty cats/pets/kajira/etc. In however many ways you can tell someone you are a proud submissive today. Here are a few places you can scream it from the rooftops:

  • Your blog
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Fetlife Update
  • Tumblr
  • In a picture uploaded to your photo feed
  • In a video on YouTube
  • Through Skype to a friend
  • In a card
  • On the phone
  • ___________


Did you do this activity? Does it make you feel good to be proud of your submission and your choices in life?