Many submissives have jobs where they are managers, business owners, or in charge in some way or another. Sometimes it can be challenging to re-enter your submissive head-space at the end of a busy workday. A sub can use rituals to help her achieve the right mind-apace, leaving the outside world behind and regaining the D/s world.

Using Rituals

What is a ritual? A ritual is usually a specific set of actions that one performs for a chosen reason. As Wikipedia states:

The purposes of rituals are varied; with religious obligations or ideals, the satisfaction of spiritual or emotional needs of the practitioners, strengthening of social bonds, social and moral education, demonstration of respect or submission_,_ stating one's affiliation, obtaining social acceptance or approval for some event — or, sometimes, just for the pleasure of the ritual itself. (

A ritual of entering a submissive head-space can be a combination of all of these purposes. You may be strengthening your bonds with your Dom by doing actions He ordered or increasing your identification with your submissive side through the performance of a task that you would not normally do. You can demonstrate respect to your Dom as you take time out of your day to prepare yourself for Him. Not least of all, you can give yourself the pleasure of getting away from the outside world and entering a place that offers you the comfort and satisfaction that you find as a submissive.

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Portals and Preparations

It may be helpful to view your front door as a portal into the D/s world. You and your Dom/me can create a special ritual that starts right at the door. One submissive told me her Dom meets her at the door when she gets home from work. She kneels before him and hands over her keys and wallet. The removal of these objects takes away her 'business' persona and makes her a subject of her Dom.

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If your house is warm enough and private enough, removing clothes or a change of clothes (to something sexy, not your big flannel jammies) will complete the transition to submissive head-space.

If your Dom/me is not home to greet you, preparation rituals can put you in a submissive mind space. A basic shower after work can be used as a cleansing ritual to receive your Dom/me while washing away the business persona. Closer attention to intimate shaving, using scented soaps or perfumes, applying make-up – all these can be used as rituals for submission. If I am not going to see my Dom for a while, I may spend extra time plucking eyebrows or dabbing on perfume, just to be able to feel the centering power of submission after a busy day.

If you usually use make-up and perfumes, save a particular brand or style to use only when you are in submissive mode. My Dom encouraged me to start painting my toenails during sandal weather as a reminder of my submission, but when I visit him, I apply a brighter color.


If your Dom/me comes to visit your home, or comes home later than you, it may be centering on assuming a ritualistic position just before He gets there. The Gorean position of Nadu ("pagar nadu") is particularly apt for this. The basic position is to sit on your heels, back and shoulders straight, chest out, and stomach in. You keep your head up, but eyes downcast. Spread your thighs and rest your hands on them with your palms facing up. I believe that for Goreans, this position is often taken by a pleasure slave. It is easy to feel submissive in this pose, and it is a beautiful way to greet one's Master.

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The Ultimate Ritual

The most important method for me to regaining the submissive mindset is through the collar. If you don't wear a collar every day, you can have your Dom/me fit a collar around your neck when you come home. If you can't show a regular collar due to family or other reasons, your Dom can find a collar that can be mistaken for a necklace. You will know the significance, but it can pass as 'vanilla.'

I wear a chain collar every day. When I feel tense, or need to reconnect, I reach up and touch the collar. I feel connected with my submission and can continue what I am doing in a more grounded fashion. I also have a dress leather collar, which I put on before an event. Once the collar is on, I am firmly in a submissive mode as I can feel the restriction around my neck.

These are just some of the many ways that a submissive can re-enter the D/s world after a day out in the business/ work world.