Several years ago, before I met Daddy, I had a mantra that I used to write every day in my journal. It was one of those moments of inspiration for me. I needed something that was going to pull my self-esteem out of the toilet and help me feel better about myself. It went something along the lines of “I am a goddess and deserve to be treated as such”, which was the opening line and I’m pretty sure there was something in there about being beautiful. At the time, I found it to be fitting, that was until I met Daddy.

In the early days of getting to know one another, I shared my mantra with Him, wanting to know what He thought about it. It was important for Daddy to see this. It was something I had poured my heart into and in turn a part of who I am as a person. After I shared it with Him, He told me that He had something that maybe a little more fitting and sent me an email containing a mantra that He wrote. I remember reading it over several times that first night I got it, slowly taking in every word, the meaning of those words to me.

bambi is a slave. bambi is a total slave to Daddy. bambi is not a common, single person anymore. bambi is Daddy's slave. bambi will submit unconditionally to Daddy in all aspects. bambi does not belong in the vanilla world. bambi is impervious to the influences of the vanilla world. bambi will know all of Daddy's desires and needs. bambi will fulfill all of Daddy's needs and desires whenever and wherever it can. bambi is an extension of Daddy-mentally, physically, emotionally, and sexually. bambi will be attentive, submissive, and execute a slave's appropriate attitude. bambi will share all of its thoughts, feelings, and concerns with Daddy. bambi will share all of Daddy's thoughts, feelings, and concerns. bambi is a slave by its own choice. bambi is a slave that is loved, respected, and to be taken care of by Daddy when bambi needs that. bambi is happy to serve Daddy. bambi is proud to be Daddy's slave. bambi is a slave. bambi is a total slave to Daddy.

This is the more current form. It’s slowly evolved over time. I would begin each email with the mantra Daddy had given me. At first, it started out in the first person. I am a slave. Within weeks, the I became “this one” or “she”. Then that turned into “slut”. Then after talking with Daddy about having the Daddy/little girl relationship, the “slut” turned into bambi and Master became Daddy. As I have grown in my slavehood, the mantra has changed to reflect those changes and growth.

I began every journal entry for Daddy with my mantra, to help myself get in the proper mindset for writing. This would help me clear my mind of all unnecessary clutter that and focus my thoughts. Whenever I found myself struggling and losing sight of Daddy, I would say the mantra to myself. Whenever I felt manic and giving into temptation and doing something I knew was against Daddy’s wishes, I started saying my mantra. I found myself saying it first thing when I woke up in the mornings and the last words I uttered before falling asleep.

My mantra has been a great help to me with keeping myself in the mindset I want to keep myself in. Usually, whenever I say my mantra, I hold onto my collar, to reinforce my purpose. Even though I have a wonderful steel collar that Daddy placed around my neck, the mantra is a great help to remind me who I am and what my main focus in life is.

Ever since moving to Germany and now that Daddy has started working and I am left to fend for myself for most of the day, the mantra has helped me from going off the deep end so to speak. Whenever I find myself coming across a task I’m not too eager to perform(such as practicing my German), I start saying my mantra, to remind myself why I am doing so. Yes, my collar is a nice reminder, but there are times I need more.

If you think that a personal mantra would be a great way to help you keep yourself in the proper submissive mindset, I encourage you to speak with your owner to come up with one that works for you. If you have trouble coming up with one on your own, there’s plenty of inspiration out there on the internet to help get the creative juices flowing!