You know you've entered online submissive ground when everyone you don't know starts to refer to you as a sister. It's been years since I've 'lived' online but this is something that has always irked me. Recently on FetLife, I saw a question that had an interesting twist to the whole sister submissive thing that I'd like to talk about. I pulled out the issue but kept one part of the question that I'd like to base this post on.

As subs aren't we suppose to support and care for our sub sisters? Or this a dog eat dog world where our sub sisters don't care for each other?

First I'd like to respond to the question. We are all people, submissive or not. Just because you identify as submissive does not give you a membership card into the friendship club for me. Sure I'm going to care for you with the same care I give any person I meet. Just don't expect me to care


because you are submissive. This isn't always a dog eat dog world, but you can't expect people to always treat you the way you treat them.

I don't know you. I'm going to give you the same courtesy I give a stranger. Even acquaintances aren't going to get the same treatment as a close friend. That's just the way I work. If submissives treated each other with more care and support than others, then we'd have less crying over submissives stealing other Dominants, talking bad about others and the number of other really horrible things that people do to each other



What is the value of relating in this way?

For online submissives, there is a huge value in having a sense of camaraderie and comfort with other people. Usually, online submissives are exploring the only way they know how and they have a fantastical idea of what D/s is and how BDSM really works. This fantasy helps them create a buffer with the real world. Online becomes a perfect world where all submissives are docile and kneel for hours at a time, service is always graceful and takes 30 mins to get a coffee and Dominants and submissives get together at the simple suggestion.

So to have sub sisters to relate to online is a way of developing a family of people that you can go to and talk about concerns, struggles, questions, and friendship. It's part of the illusion of the lifestyle. In some respects, it can be healthy and helpful, especially if the sub sisters have real life experience they can share with the online submissives.

How did submissives get put on a higher plane than everyone else?

Related to the 'dog eat dog world' comment above, online submissives; and I'm sure some real life ones too, feel that because they are submissive that they are angels and not subject to being human. Not every person you meet is genuine or kind. In fact, some are downright rude and disgusting. You just can't live in a perfect world; even online.

So I think submissives got put on a higher plane for these submissives because they want to look for the perfect in everyone. Oh and you can pretend to be whoever you want online so they may appear perfect. Again, it's part of the fantasy that is nurtured online.

My personal feelings on sister submissives

I don't like to be called sister by people that aren't my sister. I've never told someone not to call me sister, but I just tend to ignore it. I think the name gets tossed around too much for my preference.  My sister means more to me than my friends and I can't see any of my friends becoming sister-like (except my childhood best friend). Now I could be wrong and I could change my opinion later in life, but I doubt it. I think part of the reason I have issues with it is that I have NEVER seen Dominants refer to themselves in the same way. Are they all Dominant brothers? Nope. There's no reason to associate that way online or in real life.

Are there real life examples of sub sisters?

Ya know, I'm not really sure. I've not met anyone in real life that calls others their sister. Does it happen in poly households? Or maybe Gorean ones? Let me know! I'd be curious to have a guest post on the use of sister in real life BDSM or D/s relationships. If' you're interested, contact me!