I’m sure you all have noticed that I am an avid reader of all the recent book reviews I have done for Submissive Guide. Reading has always been a passion of mine and even more so when it happens to be a topic of interest. I had stumbled across “Slave” by Sherri Hayes on one of my many Facebook reading groups and when it was offered for free, and I figured I had nothing to lose by getting it, and I must admit, I got a lot more than what I was expecting.

The story begins with one of the main characters, Stephan, having dinner with his friend and mentor, Daren and during this dinner, Daren drops a bomb on Stephan. Stephan is informed of a slave that is for sale. The dominant who is selling this slave has a reputation in the local scene to be a sadist and not a very nice person period. Daren knows that Stephan has the money to get this girl out of a very bad situation and pleads for his friend to help, letting Stephan know that this girl had been purchased against her will. At first, Stephan isn’t up for getting involved in this kind of situation but then his conscious gets the best of him and he decides to help.

The next night, Stephan is introduced to Brianna. He notices that in the presence of Ian, her current owner, she’s extremely skittish and fearful which raises several red flags with him. Stephan goes through with the purchase, taking Brianna home with him. Over the next few weeks, Stephan does the best that he can with Brianna, trying to learn about her past with her family and what happened with her while she belonged to Ian. This is not an easy task as Brianna doesn’t care to talk about her past. Stephan also does what he can to help the young girl better herself, to help her feel more confident, building up her self-worth, and meet a goal she never thought she would be able to achieve.

While Stephan has his lawyer digging for information about Brianna, her father contacts the lawyer and Brianna hasn’t spoken much about her father to Stephan which leaves him wondering if her father is the reason she ended up with Ian to begin with and is hoping to begin to piece together some of her past.

One of the reasons why I felt drawn to review this book is because of the content. In most BDSM erotica, as well as most non-fiction BDSM books, one never really hears about the darker side of the lifestyle. Being sold into slavery to a master who doesn’t care about your well-being and what the aftermath of such an experience can cause. I have my own dark tale I could tell, but that’s for another day. I know that being sold against one’s will isn’t considered to be a part of the lifestyle, but considered abuse and human trafficking, but unfortunately, those things do happen and aren’t always openly discussed. I can see this piece of fiction making more people aware of this very saddening practice and can also heed as a warning to those in the lifestyle that one can never be too careful about knowing their future partners.

You can purchase “Slave” in paperback or ebook form on either Amazon or Barns and Noble.

Product Details:

Tequila R’s rating

: 9/10 Paperback: 188 pages Publisher: The Writer’s Coffee Shop (July 28, 2011) Language: English ISBN-10: 1612133037